Russian producer of amaranth oil and flour is looking for international partners

Russian company specialized in producing oil and flour made of amaranth. The company is looking for partners abroad under the distribution services agreement.
Russian company from Voronezh was established in 2005. Today, it is engaged in the production of amaranth oil and flour. Unrefined oil made of seeds of amaranth is produced by cold pressing and is intended for direct consumption, including dietary and preventive nutrition, as well as for use in the food and cosmetic industries. The product is unique and has no analogues, that is why the company has taken one of the leading positions on domestic market. The company is also active in Kazakhstan and Belarus. Having wide opportunities for expansion of manufacture, the company is capable of producing oil and flour in quantities required by the potential partner. Amaranth flour is a product made by grain- or seeds-milling of amaranth, intended for processing at catering enterprises, for use in the food industry, in particular in the bakery for the production of bread, flour confectionery, pasta and other products. Amaranth seeds oil contains a lot of regulator of the most important metabolic processes in the human body, as well as vitamin E in its particularly active form of tocotrienol. The complex of active ingredients makes amaranth oil an effective natural means of dietary and preventive nutrition. Amaranth flour has a great biological value in comparison with traditional kinds of flour because it contains an increased amount of protein with more optimal amino-acid composition. Russan company is looking for international partners (large companies) to sign the distribution services agreement. Distributors are to be large companies with an established client base and perfect goodwill on the national grocery and catering market. Under such a type of agreement the company will supply the partner with the product for further distribution.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SMEs, large companies. Role: Under the distribution services agreement the partner is obliged to purchase the product for further distribution with an eye for long-term cooperation and establishment of authorized sales channels.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights,Other
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