Russian producer of the mutlicomponent gel consisting of natural cryoprotectors is looking for partners

Russian company specialized in production of multicomponent gel that blocks the process of crystallization of liquid at low temperatures is looking for partners to sign joint venture and distribution services agreements.
The Russian company from Yakutia was established in 2014. Today, it is engaged in the production of multicomponent gel consisting of natural cryoprotectors blocking the process of crystallization of liquid at low temperatures. The gel contains highly efficient natural antifreeze produced by cold-resistant insects of Yakutia that are able to sustain as low temperatures as -85°C. The main function of the cryoprotectants is preventing fatal freezing (crystallization) of tissue extracellular liquid at low temperatures. That is why the remedies containing these cryoprotective compounds are potentially very effective in protecting skin tissue integrity at low winter temperatures. The use of this gel is highly recommended for people whose activity is associated with a long stay in the open air during low negative temperatures: builders, employees of road and mining companies, military personnel, winter sports athletes, etc. The Russian company is looking for partners (R&D institutions, large companies) to sign joint venture and distributor services agreements. Under the joint venture agreement, the company will provide the technology, the product or a process to develop a new entity to mutual benefit with the potential partner. Under the distribution services agreement the company is to supply the partner with the technology or product for further distribution.
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Type: R&D institutions, large companies. Role: Under a joint venture agreement the partner should invest in the technology to develop the product and start the sales. Under the distribution services agreement, the partner is obliged to purchase the product for further distribution.
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