Seeking licensees for novel patent-pending materials process for the manufacture of highly protective bags in sports, logistics or military applications

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A UK company has designed a patent-pending combination of materials and process techniques for manufacturing highly protective bags for uses including sports, logistics and military that consumers have tested very positively in prototype. They are seeking licensing agreements of their materials tech with either textile manufacturers wishing to make bags for their own customers or for specialist bag designers, introductions can be made to appropriate manufacturers..
Current bags for such as high end sports goods or military, for example, protect the goods to a certain degree, but this is usually not adequate in high stress environments, such as air travel or in military operations. The UK company have selected a novel combination of cutting edge materials that, when used in conjunction with their unique designs, provide much improved protection and will dramatically reduce the damage to goods in transit. The UK company is small but experienced, and has a particular interest in manufacturers working with sporting bags, or bags with logistics or military applications, who might be interested in licensing the technology to create the bags, cases and covers via licensing agreement.
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Type: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Activity: Bag, cover and case assembly Specific role of the partner: Licensing of the novel process for the assembly and manufacture of specialist bags, cases and covers to design specifications, for a range of applications.
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Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
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