Serbian company dealing with manufacture and trade of engine parts for automotive industry is interested in commercial agency and manufacturing agreements.

Serbian company specialized in manufacturing, development, and trade of engine parts for the automotive industry is looking for commercial agency and manufacturing agreements. The company has long experience in this business sector and established cooperation with suppliers and buyers in Europe and beyond.
Serbian company was founded in 1993 as a specialist for development, manufacturing, trading and export-import of engine parts for the automotive industry as well as spare parts for agricultural machines. They have more than 20 years of experience in the development, production and trading of engine parts such as pistons, cylinder liners, piston rings and slide bearings. The company is present on many foreign markets: Germany, Poland, Greece, Turkey, India, Iran and countries of the former Yugoslavia as well. They also work as representatives and agents for certain German and Spanish companies. In the frame of its business activity, the company is actively involved in Research & Development projects in co-operation with academic institutions, domestic and foreign partners. With the view to realize their strategy on the world market, the company became a member of numerous international associations such as the National Board of International Chamber of Commerce and Serbian-Greek Business Council. In 2006 the company was awarded the "CHAMBERTRUST" seal as a sign for business trust, issued by World Chamber Network. The company is willing to find partners in order to establish commercial agency and manufacturing agreements.
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The company is looking for partners from the engine industry and agricultural machinery industry in order to consider possible ways of business cooperation in the form of a commercial agency and manufacturing agreement. Potential business partners should be able to respond to the company's need to distribute their products or to manufacture new ones.
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Already on the market
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