A Serbian company offers its innovative device for adding additives into silo mass on farms during ensiling through commercial agency agreement.

A small innovative Serbian company patented a device for adding the additive into silo mass. With the new technology and device anaerobic conditions in silo mass can be established in only 2 hours - that means 50 times faster than existing technologies. The company seeks partners through commercial agency agreement.
A small Serbian spin off company from Faculty of agriculture has developed innovative technology of ensiling plants on farms (in horizontal silos and in rol bale) and device for additive application in silo mass, which is the result of a complex research from numerous scientific disciplines. Innovations have granted patents. This innovative technology uses natural additives, and there is no need for addition of inoculants, enzymes, or any other. Silage is made only in one period of the year and is being used throughout the whole year as animal feed. Ensiling success depends on the proper lactic acid fermentation development of silo mass. Air has detrimental effect on silage, and it is the single most important factor which influences the efficiency with which forage crops are conserved. Quality of silage characterizes the degree of anaerobic conditions achieved in the completed silos. Traditional techniques and current additives on the market are always included an initial aerobic phase during ensiling, before the onset of lactic acid fermentation. This phase creates the greatest losses because it allows the development of undesirable microorganisms. Innovative technology (first patent granted) shortens aerobic phase leading fermentation in the desired direction. New technology established anaerobic conditions faster than existing and is adjusted to the conditions on the farm. An invented device for additive insertion (second patent granted) is made for use of natural additives which shorten aerobic phase on only 2 hours, leading fermentation in the desired direction. The target is rapidly removing oxygen from silo mass. This device enables the reduction losses of plants, especially in shoulder of silos. A device is made from domestic materials with easy handling. At a single charge, depending of the size, multiply doses of the additive application in horizontal silos can be taken. Innovation has three main roles in the production of silage: 1. anaerobic environment is achieved more rapidly; 2. immediately enables the growth and development of the lactic acid bacteria, decreasing the pH value and 3. antimicrobial and bactericide effect of applied additives decreases the dry matter losses and preserves the quality of the silage. Advantages for the farmers are: entire initial crop that ensile is preserved and innovation is adjusted to the conditions on the farm, obtaining high feeding value of silage with positive reflection (increasing voluntary intake) on animal production. The device ensures safe and environmental friendly natural additive application in silage. The company is looking for partners through commercial agency agreement. The company will offer in addition: services for controlling the application of the innovation, services of silage experts, calculating the application of necessary additives each farm in particular, advisory services during the ensiling the different plants, advising for silage quality and ratio controlling .
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Type: Agro industry Activity: Agro feed company. The ideal partner is an agro feed company which produces and distributes feed premixes, concentrates, prestarter feeds, and other feed supplements for every livestock. The company who sells its products through distributors to large-scale integrations, large and medium-size livestock farms and domestic livestock keepers worldwide. Role: the role of the partner would be to include in their sales offer the company’s device for innovative ensiling and obtaining good silage for their existing and new customers. Also to place innovative device for adding additives during ensiling on the agro market.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted
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