A Serbian company specialized in orthopedic hip prosthesis and orthopaedic implants is looking for partners through distribution and manufacturing agreement.

A family owned company from Serbia has been producing orthopaedic hip prosthesis and implants for orthopaedics for the last 20 years. The company is interested in finding distributor and open for manufacturing agreements.
A producer of orthopaedic implants from Serbia is family owned company with 20 years of history in production and sales of orthopaedic implants and hip prosthesis. The company distributes own products on domestic market to more than 35 hospitals. The company produces products like: screws, pins and needles, transfixation intramedullary nails, plates for bones, anatomical plates, systems of dynamic hip fixation, ring fixators, external fixators, bipolar hip prosthesis, Austin Moore prosthesis. All products are produced in specially designed factory with CNC, EDM, polishing machines and clean room. The company is looking for distributor to expand business beyond current borders. The company offers their products that are designed, manufactured and packed with accompanying quality certificates. Also open for manufacturing agreement to share know how and manufacturing capacities. The company offers manufacturing capabilities regarding metal and polymer processing using CNC and EDM (electrical discharge machining) machines to the semi finished product/component or to the final product (orthopedic implant).
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: industry a) Distributor b) Manufacturer Activity: a) Distributor with experience in medical device sale and having knowledge of ISO standards and new medical device regulation (MDR) regulations. b) Manufacturer that produces medical devices (orthopaedic implants). Role: a) in distribution agreement, partner is expected to distribute products with a company’s brand name in their country of origin, to be responsible for keeping track of products PMS and PMCF (post marketing surveillance and post market clinical follow up) and working according MDR (medical device regulation). b) in manufacturing agreement partner is expected to provide the design necessary for production and gives clear instructions of the desired component or product. It is also expected to provide necessary information of the product that should be manufactured, provides additional training of personnel if needed. Responsible for registration and sales of manufactured product (details will be defined in the agreement itself).
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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