A Serbian manufacturer of women shoes is looking for distribution agreements in order to sell their shoes in the rest of Europe

A family owned company specialized in manufacturing of women shoes, safety clogs and traditional Balkan clogs is looking for partners with the network of professional shops through distribution service agreement . All shoes and clogs are CE-marked according to current European standards. The Serbian company is offering products produced by experienced material suppliers and advanced technology in order to produce a functional shoe.
A Serbian shoe manufacturer has a production specially oriented towards women shoes, safety clogs and traditional Balkan clogs. Sales are by direct order to wholesalers and retailers in several different countries-Greece, Italy and Nord Macedonia. The factory (seated in Serbia) is able to produce footwear for many different professions such as medical staff and restaurant staff etc. The company is a family owned company founded in 2001. Current markets are mainly Serbia and Greece. The company collection encompasses: 1. women shoes, 2. safety clogs and 3. traditional Balkan clogs: 1. The Women's shoes are built with the durability to last throughout the entire day and the comfort to make feel like user just put them on no matter the time. The leather is breathable, the collar is padded, and the lining is anti-microbial microfiber. Built with an outsole design and materials that help provide slip-resistance and traction on various surfaces. Equipped with the eursole comfort system and slip-resistant outsoles, these shoes are very attractive. 2. Thanks to the universal black colour and classic design, safety clogs are popular among both women and men. All styles are extremely lightweight and flexible, making them the ideal basic footwear for a variety of work environments. Clogs are easy to wear and, just as important, quick to clean, making them the ideal footwear. Safety clogs are equipped with highly durable and slip resistant outsoles that are heat, oil, petrol and acid resistant. 3. Traditional Balkan clogs styles are in different colour pull up leather. Made on varnished Ideal wooden clog bottoms. Clogs consist: troentorp clogs' Ideal bottoms, anatomically constructed foot bed with arch support, alderwoods footbed for ultimate moist absorption. The company is now looking for new distributors of their products in Europe. The role of the company will be, in turn, designing and producing new collections, arranging deliveries to the distributors, dealing with warranties, branding activities in a global context and social media activities.
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Type: industry Activity: distributors who has network of professional women shoe shops or chains within working shoe products. Role: It is expected from the partner to be responsible for promoting the products on a local market and retailing them to the professional women shoe shops or chains within working shoe products.
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