A Serbian R&D organization offers its internet of things solutions through licensing and commercial agency agreements.

A R&D company from Serbia is specialized in providing internet of things (IoT) solutions and blockchain data fabric across various smart spaces verticals (smart cities, smart buildings, smart homes etc.). It offers IoT platform for smart spaces which enables solutions for context aware smart actuation, integrated with smart contract and blockchain technologies. The company seeks partners through licensing and commercial agency agreements.
The company is a non for profit R&D organization from Serbia, focused on innovative projects in all IoT verticals. The team comprises 6 field experts in ICT and IoT systems, project management and business strategy development supported with 6 experienced developers and 5 junior developers. The company operates its own IoT data analytics and machine learning cloud platform extended to the IoT edge through its family of universal IoT controllers. Smart actuation based on machine learning enabled contextual awareness is at the basis of all IoT services and applications. The company selects among its most promising technologies/solutions to spin off and accelerate new IoT business and services and ensure business viability of its operation through related technology licensing. Its IoT smart actuation platform is utilized in commercial, research and educational projects including (EU and US): 1. context and activity aware content recommendation as FI-WARE project specific enabler for building smart city apps - successfully validated in large scale event (Las fallas festival) in Valencia; 2. In the PhasmaFOOD H2020 project as basis for distributed analysis of sensory data from spectrometers used for assessing food quality; 3. For integrated EduCampus federation between three different IOT platforms as part of the H2020 symbIoTe project; 4. For enabling blockchain based federation between different IOT platforms as part of the H2020 AGILE IOT project; 5. SME spin-off Bright Habitat utilizes its IoT platform for implementation of its IoT solutions in smart spaces domain; 6. IoT platform for controlling chemical processes related to water preservation and dry urinals at the Arizona State University campus in Phoenix; 7. Multi-tenant building management company uses the platform for smart building services in their residential complex in Madison WI; 8. IoT technology company utilizes the platform for smart space use cases in their office building in Chicago IL; 9. Bank in Chicago utilizes its smart access platform in their offices. The offered product is smart actuation platform with integrated blockchain fabric and smart contracts technology. The focus is on smart actuation in smart spaces domain: • Energy efficient smart building system (lights, HVAC) driving with IoT controllers (with on-board relays) based on occupancy/presence. • Cyber-physical security with smart access control solution. In this solution the IoT controllers manage electric/magnet locks and provide beacons for proximity detection. Smartphones with dedicated application replace traditional key-cards and access keypads by integrating digital access keys which can be completely managed by residents. The same mobile application and smart access profile can be used for all buildings deploying its smart access solution. The smart actuation platform is built on top of blockchain fabric with a collection of smart contracts templates where every actuation command and trigger are written in the blockchain and can trigger execution of a specific business model captured in smart contracts. The company seeks system integrators, mainly smart spaces (buildings, homes, warehouses) operators and providers of complementary smart spaces solutions through licencing agreement. The company will offer IoT platform instance, configured IoT controllers, blockchain as a service and communication endpoints as well as training, expertise for system integration, cloud platform and IOT system development services. The company seeks also distribution agents through commercial agency agreement. The company will offer IoT platform, blockchain configuration, smart contract templates and specialized instances of IoT controllers based on agent’s core activities. Also, test environments, sandboxes for integration and testing will be provided as part of the solution for quick prototyping and validation. Sales percentage is provided for agents.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: industry Activity: smart spaces (smart buildings) integrators, service providers and adopters, distribution agents Role: in licensing agreement, it is expected from the partner to integrate company’s IoT platform, controllers and services with partner’s solutions for smart spaces and promote and deploy them as complementary smart spaces solutions. In commercial agency agreement, it is expected from the partner to promote and sell company’s solutions for direct deployment and for joint ventures in smart spaces domain.
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Already on the market
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IoT platform and IoT controllers – TRL7 Smart actuation for smart spaces – TRL6-7
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Secret Know-how,Other
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