Singapore 3D mapping and modelling services company is seeking European partners via services agreement(s).

The Singapore company is a science and technology innovation consulting firm. This company is looking to provide their 3D mapping and monitoring services of outdoor and indoor spaces using innovative state of art technology hardware and software to companies in Europe. The company is looking for partners in Europe via servicing agreements.
The Singapore company was established in 2014. Services offered is based on comprehensive geoscience knowledge which provides their customers with insight into all operational and research aspects of natural resource prospects, evaluation, monitoring, modelling, solution and application development. 1. 3D mapping & monitoring (indoor & outdoor). The company provides service for 3D mapping and monitoring of outdoor and indoor spaces using innovative hardware and software. 2. Photogrammetry and remote sensing. The company has the expertise in generating high resolution stereo satellite imagery for creating different models used in different industry sectors. 3. Natural resources mapping. Mapping includes surface water, ground water, mining, forestry, ecology and agriculture resources. 4. Coastal and ocean map services. The services include integration of data sets from observed, predicted and adhoc project information into a single data base with provision on data analytics for trends and patterns, near real time monitoring and alert flagging. 5. Geographical data capture and mapping services. Service includes data capture based on user requirement using conventional, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and generic mapping tools. 6. Spatial data analytics. Big and dynamic spatial-temporal data that have been, and continue to be, collected with modern data acquisition techniques such as global positioning systems (GPS), high-resolution remote sensing, predictive climate and ocean models require tools on the data analytics to understand the effects over spatio-temporal domain. 7. Environmental modeling for geospatial risk assessment. The company collaborate with Singapore based research and development labs to provide solutions on urban planning analysis, building energy efficiency, air quality & health assessment. 8. Natural disaster hazard and risk mapping. The company offer specialized services focus on natural disasters mapping and geography information systems (GIS) based risk assessment with special reference to climate change and disaster risk reduction. The company’s expertise lies in using scientific methods to identify hazards, assess vulnerabilities, and model the overall impact of natural and man-made disasters. The solutions include hazard identification, exposure database development, vulnerability assessment and economic loss assessment. The Singapore company is seeking to offer their services to partners in Europe via services agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The ideal candidates this company is looking for are European companies that are specialised in facilities and asset management, CAD, building and information, asset and facilities management, design and manufacturing companies looking for 3D mapping services. The Singapore company hopes to build long-lasting relationships with partners to provide 3D maps that are accurate, interactive and accessible.
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