Singapore food manufacturer of ready-to-eat food seeks distributors in Europe

The Singapore food manufacturer, which has over 30 years of history, is one of the leading food manufacturers in Singapore. The company is looking to distribute their retail ready-to-eat meals into the European market which there is growing demand of Asian food. The company is looking for an European distributor with network with major supermarkets and hypermarkets in Europe.
The Singapore traditional food manufacturer is one of the leading traditional Chinese food manufacturer in Singapore. The company had operated for over 30 years leading to expansion of stores islandwide; creating new flavors and healthier steamed buns to meet the demand of consumers. The Singapore company has developed many types of food for the Singaporean market. One of the main products are pau, which can be translated as Chinese steamed buns. The company has managed to provide a large variety of flavors in this product line. Another product line the company has launched is the festival pau. Festive pau are buns made to celebrate festive occasions such as birthdays and Chinese religious festivals. These food products are sold in food courts in shopping centers. These products are not packaged individually. The company also produces food that are individually packaged, designated to be sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets in Singapore. These includes Chinese Dim Sum such as ‘Loh Mai Kai’ and ‘Fan Choy’, which are rice with meat toppings. These products are sold in a form of plastic wrapping and container that enable consumers to steam or microwave conveniently. Another type of dim sum is the mini ‘Siew Mai’, a type of traditional Chinese dumpling which contains either chicken or pork. Other products that can be sold in supermarkets include mini coffee pau, mini pandan pau, mini yam pau and mini char siew pau. These food products can be steamed or microwaved. The Singapore company is seeking European food distributors with good knowledge of European supermarket and hypermarket chains to distribute these individually packed food products in Europe. As there is a strong demand for Asian food in Europe the company has decided to break into the European market. The Singapore company hopes to create a long-term working relationship via distribution services agreement(s).
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The ideal partner is one that has a wide network with European supermarkets and hypermarkets. The partner should already be distributing food products in Europe.
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