Slovenian manufacturer of metal structures and parts offers its manufacturing services

A Slovenian company active in the fields of metal processing and machine building is offering their services in the terms of manufacturing agreement or as a subcontractor. The company is specialized in producing transport equipment, amusement park constructions, cranes, hydromechanical systems equipment, equipment for ironworks, ship rudders, steel bridges and other steel constructions.
Slovenian company was established in 1962 as a part of big steel construction company. In 1991 the subsidiary was transformed into an independent company. Today the firm possesses a complete manufacturing process and all necessary departments and quality certificates. Their production features up to date equipment. Company possess contemporary machinery, which enables them to perform their work quickly and to maintain highest standards. Production hall occupies an area of 9000 m2 and employs up to 250 people. Company only manufactures products based on the specific requirements of their customers. They are capable of quickly adapting and creating a wide variety of products. Their main products are: • constructions and chassis for heavy transporters, • chassis for mobile cranes, • telescopic spreaders for container transloading, • amusement park constructions, • vehicle frames for cargo trailers (container loading and unloading), • superstructures for transfer and transport of containers, • chassis for construction and mining mechanization, • aeroplane tractors, • different cranes, • steel constructions, • steel bridges. Company offers as well: • manufacture of steel structures (also micro-alloyed / fine-grained high-strength steels as well as rust-free • welding components up to 100 tonnes in one piece, a total of 250 tonnes per month • processing of welding components on the horizontal drilling unit length 10 m (in one clamping) with settings up to 15 m • Laser and plasma cutting, bending, sand blasting, gas tungsten arc welding (TIG), gas metal arc welding (MIG), metal active gas welding (MAG), mechanical processing, anti-corrosion protection, mounting, non-destructive testing (NDT) in the house (ultrasound, magnetoflux) and much more. Company is already involved in some business abroad, mostly in German speaking countries and USA, but wants to expand its markets thru manufacturing or a subcontracting agreement. The company is looking for SMEs, bigger or multinational companies in need to get experienced and qualified subcontractors or manufacturers to produce for them welded constructions on the basis of specific requirements and according to presented documentation.
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Company is specialized for producing transport equipment, cranes, hydromechanical systems equipment, amusement park constructions, equipment for ironworks, ship rudders, steel bridges and other steel constructions by the client requirements and is looking to cooperate in the terms of manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. Subcontracting services are offered to manufacturing companies that are not able to produce specific welded-construction components or semi-products and search for companies with skilled personnel and know-how or need subcontractor for high volume orders. Manufacturing services are offered to the companies that need specific products made by the use of shot-blasting, material cutting, welding or painting services.
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