A small Japanese tailor making fashion apparels and accessories using traditional Japanese indigo-dyed cotton seeks distribution or sales agent to expand their business in the EU market

A Japanese manufacturer of fashionable items made with traditional indigo-dyed cotton is looking for partners in the EU. Despite its small size, the company builds on a century old tailoring tradition, and puts a modern twist on traditional Japanese clothing styles. They produce a variety of products, and are looking to engage in distribution services and commercial agency agreements with potential EU partners.
This small-sized Japanese tailor was established in 2014, and produces various fashion items using a traditional indigo-dyed cotton. The concept of the brand is simplicity, and suits a slow or relaxed lifestyle. The clothing is a mix between modern ethnic clothing and traditional Japanese worker uniforms, combined with a pinch of modern design. The material used is indigo cotton, which is woven using a traditional technology originating in the snowy Niigata region. The production of cotton textile in this area dates back to the 1600s. The clothing originated from a need for strong materials able to withstand the cold marshlands. It is anti-static, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Their main products are natural basic dresses and shirts, pants, Japanese-style aprons, and coats. The clothing has a simple Japanese design and is inspired by traditional folk clothing. Additionally, the company has some unique designs for bags, pouches, slippers, fans, and umbrellas. The company does their product development completely in-house, and in Japan their products are sold at high-end department stores and specialty shop in big cities. Following customers feedback and having assessed the potential of their products in EU markets, the company is ready to start internationalisation through distribution services and commercial agency agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The ideal partner for the Japanese company would be a smaller company with access to niche markets. The partner must have experience dealing with small clothing shops and sundries specialty shops that have a good reputation in the fashion industry. Also, the Japanese company is willing to discuss opportunities in e-commerce catalogues and online sales. Further details of the collaboration are subject to custom agreements. - Distribution services agreements mainly with: boutiques, specialized retail stores or retailers. - Commercial agency agreements with agents that could facilitate partnerships with such retailers. It is possible to discuss direct sales of small amounts for example for trial purposes. Finally, material samples and catalogues are available upon request to potential partners.
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