Solution for fast switching pneumatic valves to increase to increase the speed of material flow, e.g. in sorting machinery

A small German company offers electronics for fast switching valves in industries, such as sorting, waste management and others, where faster material flow will significantly reduce operating costs. The key advantage of the valve control cards is the ability of connecting the host system via bus, thus eliminating the need for wiring of each valve. Industrial partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Sorting technology in waste management and recycling often works with air blasts, to divert materials while falling in a conveyor system. Against the background of the drastic increase in recycling rates required by law in the coming years, an increase in sorting speed is urgently needed. A German company has been active in the fast control of pneumatic valves since 2012. Fast control means that the valves are controlled by the electronics in such a way that the air flow reaches its maximum in the shortest possible time when opening and is interrupted in the shortest possible time when closing. A special feature of the valve actuators is the bus capability. That is, all valve controls in a machine are interconnected via a bus line (e.g., network cable). This results in significantly reduced wiring costs. Furthermore, the bus offers the possibility of interrogating operating and fault conditions and thus supporting process reliability. The various techniques for accelerating valve switching times have not yet been exhausted. The German company has an approach for further development with regard to new, faster switching valves. To date, most high-speed switching valves switch within less than 2 ms, and those with switching times of 1 ms are already known. Even these valves can be accelerated by appropriate control. Faster switching valves allow a faster material flow. In addition the throughput of the machine is increased and operating costs are reduced. Industrial partners are sought to integrate the solution in their products and processes within commercial agreements with technical assistance. The partners could be from the sorting and the valves sector but also other sectors where acceleration of valve switching times is of benefit. The German company will adjust the solution to the respective application. Other types of co-operation can be discussed.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: Industrial partners are sought. Area of activity of partner: Sorting machinery, recycling, valve manufacture, valve trade, any industry needing faster valve switching in their processes. Tasks to be performed: The partner should improve their processes and products by integrating the valve actuators. The German company will offer advice on the use and wherever necessary adjust the technology to the respective application. As the German company is very flexible other types of co-operation can be discussed, depeding on the interests of the potential partner.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Technology already on the market. A special speed-up technology by a new drive circuit is in concept stage.
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Secret Know-how
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