A South Serbian producer of natural fruit juices is looking for agents and distributors

A South Serbian SME that produces natural pure juice is looking for international partners. The company has got a long-term cooperation with apple, apricot and peaches growers from whole Serbia that allow for production natural pure apple, apricot and peaches juice. The company is interested in finding partners through a distribution agreement and commercial agency agreement for its products.
The enterprise was established in 1998 and is located at the South of Serbia. It is a family owned business, of which the main activity was producing carbonated juices. The company has grown intensively and acquired exclusive rights to produce several lines of American carbonated beverages. Since 2011, the company has decided to start production of non-carbonated natural juices in accordance with the requirements of the increasingly sophisticated European market. Pure apple, apricot and peaches juices are a naturally juices, pressed from fresh apples, apricot and peaches with no addition of other fruit or vegetables. For the production, the company selects fruits which are a rip, fresh and of good quality. The juices are squeezed out using the "cold press" method. Immediately after pressing the juice is subjected to gentle pasteurization which allows maintaining almost all ingredients of fresh fruits, i.e. beneficial for health pectin and polyphenols (mostly flavonoids). Today the company produces and sells carbonated and also those naturally juices. Natural juices are made of very quality ingredients. The natural juices are available in glass bottles of a volume of 200 ml, and cans 333 ml on request. The company is interested in establishing two cooperation types: 1) distribution services agreement – the company is looking for distributors to sell the company’s products. The company will offer standard distribution services agreement. 2) commercial agency agreement- the company is looking for agents that will be responsible for representing the client’s products. The company will offer standard commercial agency agreement. The company is also interested in selling its juices under private label.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: industry Activity: wholesalers of beverages Role: Under distribution services agreement a potential partner is expected to buy and sell the company’s products on its own using its own distribution channels. Under commercial agency agreement, the potential partner is expected to represent the products of the company and the payment to the agent will be made in the form of a commission.
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