A South Serbian producer of scaffolding systems and various construction equipment’s seeks partners through subcontracting and commercial agency agreements

A South Serbian SME that produces scaffolding systems and various construction equipment’s. They offer aluminum, mobile and free-standing, modular and façade scaffoldings that can be used for plastering, bricklaying, wall painting, facade cleaning, maintenance and small repairs and erecting whole new buildings. The company is looking for foreign agents or partners under the subcontracting and commercial agency agreements.
A company from South Serbia has been operating in the construction industry and specialises in production construction equipment- scaffoldings since 1998. They participated in multiple projects, domestic and abroad (Switzerland, Nord Macedonia and Germany). They produce aluminium, mobile and free-standing, modular and façade scaffolding systems. The offered scaffoldings are suitable for a variety of construction works (interior and exterior), including plastering, bricklaying, wall painting, facade cleaning, maintenance and small repairs and erecting whole new buildings. The firm not only provides clients with the requested scaffoldings but also offers to transport and assemble/disassemble them if requested. On client request the company can offer: - aerial work platforms, - debris chutes, - safety nettings and construction tarpaulins, - containers and cabins for construction site accommodation and storage, - security fencing for construction sites. The company strives to build up its revenue streams and diversify away from the Serbian market by establishing a presence in foreign countries. To this end, they are looking for construction companies under the subcontracting agreement. Partners will have to engage the company on a long-term basis in its projects and specify what type of scaffoldings they require, estimate dimensions of a work surface and indicate additional equipment/services they need. With the same goal of diversifying revenue sources and gaining foothold abroad, the company also wants to engage agents through commercial agency agreement, with knowledge of their local market and a network of contacts in the construction industry. Partners will be responsible for promoting the products. Their role will be also to identify the needs of a client and negotiate basic terms of contract with him (type of requested equipment, approximate dimensions of a work surface). The task of the company will be to finalise the negotiation and deliver the ordered scaffoldings, along with the necessary personnel and additional equipment/items.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: industry Activity: companies active in the construction sector, with a wide network of contacts Role: In subcontracting agreement, it is expected from the partner to establish long-term cooperation and accept priority in product delivery. Also, facade scaffolds would be adapted to the needs of users. In commercial agency agreement, partners are expected to represent the company on their respective local markets. They will have to promote and find new clients for the offered products and identify their needs (i.a. type and amount of required scaffolding/dimensions of a work surface, further equipment/services).
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