Turkish company specialized in glass bottles decoration is offering its service as under manufacturing agreement

The company is Turkey-based glass bottle decoration company specialized in decoration of raki/gin/whisky/vodka and other beverage bottles. It is offering its services to the companies abroad specially from Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Romania and Macedonia under manufacturing agreements.
The company was established in 1986 and is ranked among top 3 Turkish companies in the field of glass bottle decoration, based on production figures.The company has 5400 square meter production facility with a large storage capacity. The company is a glass-decoration facility and have highly productive equipment of Italian, German and English origin is installed at facility. The company controls quality of semi-finished and finished products at each production stage and provides the full range of services to its customers, which is design, decoration, packaging and delivery of glass products. Below an overview of the wide range of decoration styles available from the company and it offers the following decoration to its customers: - Comprehensive design, from glass bottle form and mould creation to decoration of the finished product - Full-colour decoration (silk screen print) - Full-colour decoration with colours that contain real silver, gold or platinum - Acid etching - Coating by spraying special colours or lacquer on the bottle, so that the bottle acquires a matte, glossy or transparent look - Vacuum metallisation - Hot stamping with foil - Bright metallic colours and images can be applied on previously coated bottles without prior burning. - Decoration can be applied on any surface of the bottle, whether rounded, cone, square, or flat. The company can also decorate the edges of a square bottle. - Decorating bottles for events, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions - Decorating glasses, mugs, cups, and the like The company is looking for partners under manufacturing agreement. The company offers its service to provide glass bottle decoration on behalf of companies which are active in the field of bottled beverages.
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Type: :Glass bottle manufacturers for alcoholic and non alcholic markets. Role: Manufactrurers of glass bottled beverage products especially alcholic and non-alcholic beverages. The companies are to establish partnership relations under the manufacturing agreement.
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