A Turkish company trying to combine art with technology is looking for distributors to expand its product to different countries

The Turkish company is founded in 2018 by two entrepreneurs. The company works on the tools that help to get rid of dependencies of engineering services or complicated, technical set-ups for designers and modern stage artists. The company’s product is a motorized, miniature pulley system that can be customized through the internet to obtain different motion patterns. The company is looking for commercial agencies and distribution services.
The company founded by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) was established in January 2018 based in METU Teknokent, Ankara by 2 enthusiastic Turkish entrepreneurs. Combining many areas of art, robotics, entertainment, and technology, the company works to give window display designers, stage artists, visual designers, and creative agencies tools they can work effortlessly to realize the designs on their minds. The company started working on a pulley system that allows designers to realize their creations of moving stage prop choreographies. To this end, the first product of the company was developed. With its IoT infrastructure and the wide availability of its control interface, it first gives the window display designers the freedom to add motion to their designs. Secondly, it puts on stage the effect of motion on the human brain; that is when people, as a species, see something move, turn our attention to it. Either to figure out if it is a threat or prey. This primitive instinct is still in effect. The product makes use of this fact to lure shoppers into the shops. The company has been in the field of developing electro-mechanical products for two years. It has expertise in coding, digital design, PCB design, computer-aided drawing, mechanical design, and many other technical areas. It is able to develop a product from scratch including the software, hardware, and mechanical parts of it. The user designs a motion pattern attaches the props to the ropes, and turns the product on. The props now move according to the pattern the user has defined. It is tested and improved to have a longer lifespan and robust structure. It is now on the production stage for the second time and is ready to go to market. As the product runs on the Turkish market, the company is looking for partners to expand its operations to Europe and enter into new markets. Hence, expertise in market penetration, legislation, distribution, and after-sales services are important factors to consider in a partnership. As the company wants to enter into new markets, the expected partners should be capable of selling the company’s product and have the capacity to set up the product on the client’s location. Also, the partners should give after-sale support to the clients. Making distribution-services-agreement would yield easier customer acquisition in target markets. Instead of having to supply products to many franchises, the company opts for supplying to a certain distributor. The company is ready to conduct a successful partnership by distribution services agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is seeking distributors to sell the company’s products to different markets in Europe. An expected partner should be experienced to sell creative products in European markets and should be able to sell the product and giving after-sales support. On the other hand, the partner should give technical support to install the product to the client’s place, and should be able to inform the company about legislative details and procedures of distribution services. As the company wants to expand its product to different markets in Europe, the partner’s scope of business activity should be different in European countries.
Stage of Development: 
Available for demonstration
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Product is tested and improvements have been made on the alpha prototype. The beta prototype is being produced. It will be ready to launch in the market to the actual customers in January.
IPR Status: 
Design Rights,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
Patent on the design of the product has been applied and pre-reported to have satisfied the evaluation criteria.
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