A Turkish manufacturer of personal/home care and cleaning products seeks distributors or commercial agents

A Turkish company has specialized in manufacturing of personal/home care and cleaning products since 2008. The company has full capacity to manufacture the packaging of its product range accordingly with customers' demands, thus more reasonable prices are offered. The company seeks well-established and experienced partners to market its products under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.
The Turkish company was established in 2008 with the vision of manufacturing personal/home care and cleaning products that are world-class and environment-friendly, do not threaten human health and ease people’s daily lives. The company commenced its production activities with wet wipes in 2008, and then this was followed by liquid cosmetics and detergent in 2010. In 2011, the company added air fresheners to its range of products. In 2013, manufacturing of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PP (polypropylene) bottles started. Home cleaning products that include strong acid/base were added to the range of products in 2015, and during the last two years, the company has started producing PE (polyethylene) bottles and PP bottle caps. With its young and ambitious team force, the company has reached a large sales volume in the local market, especially in terms of wet wipes and liquid soap. The company has a very wide range of personal/home care and cleaning products, on the other hand, it produces its own packages, bottles and bottle caps. By this means, the company can provide the service of designing and manufacturing customer-specific products. As a result of the ongoing modernization process that company adopted as a core principle; today manufacturing takes place in a 15.000 m2 production plant with a capacity of 200.000 kg/day for liquid products and 180.000 pcs/day for wet wipes. The range of products that are put on the market by the company can be listed as: Personal care and cleaning products - Wet wipes - Make-up remover wet wipes - Liquid soap - Creamy liquid soap - Foam soap - Shower gel - Baby shampoo - Shampoo - Hair styling gel - Cream - Lotion - Facial cleansing gel - Nail polish remover - Cotton buds Home care and cleaning products - Liquid dishwashing detergent - Glass cleaner - Surface cleaner - Fabric softener - Liquid laundry detergent - Multi-purpose cleaner - Kitchen cleaner - Grease remover - Bathroom cleaner - Lime and rust remover - Drain opener gel - Stain remover - Carpet cleaner - Air freshener 60% of the products manufactured by the company are exported to more than eighty countries and the company has extensive experience in terms of manufacturing the products parallel with the regulations in the countries that they are exporting to. As an example, they follow IQS (Iraqi Standards) for Iraq, regulations determined by SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization) and EC 1223/2009 regulations for Europe. The company has a good reputation both in the local market and Middle-East markets; however, they are enthusiastic about expanding their business, especially through entering new markets in Europe. For doing this, they are looking for well-established partners to cooperate under distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements. Sought partners are expected to have comprehensive experience in the target market, have effective distribution channels and a wide customer base.
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The company is looking for experienced distributors or commercial agents with a wide customer base in the personal/home care and cleaning market. Partners are expected to promote and market the product range provided by the company under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.
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