Turkish manufacturer of wood pellets and sawn timber is currently looking for trade partners through commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

Turkish manufacturer of both industrial and residential EnPlus A1 quality wood pellets and sawn timbers offers eco friendly products under commercial agency or distribution services agreement to expand into Europe and Mediterranean Region in particular. Wood pellet as a biomass fuel is a great alternative source of energy to fossil fuels due to its low ash, high calorific value, low carbon emissions, renewability and sustainability.
Turkish company has been on the market since 2010 at Canakkale, North-Western Turkey. Today, the SME operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week from a 9.000 m² built up integrated sawmill and pellet plant on a site of total 25.000 m² within Canakkale Industrial Zone. The company is a leading producer in the national market with 75.000 tonnes of production volume annually. The plant is equipped with modern processing machines and production is carried out on high technology machinery. Since its establishment, the company has been making new investments to improve its machinery track by following a policy open to innovation and development. Due to its close access to seaports, Turkish manufacturer has logistic advantage to serve European wood pellet importer markets; especially those are located on Mediterranean coast. Its close access to container ports makes the SME agile and responsive to short notice deliveries all over the Mediterranean markets. The company is already engaged in transnational activities with Italy, Netherlands, and Morocco in terms of wood pellet and sawn timber, and supplies forestry products to some of Europe’s biggest MDF producers (Medium Density Fiberboard) in Turkey. It also supplies timber in different sizes to sawmill in Canakkale region, including its own integrated sawmill and wood pellet production plant. Further, the company manufactures wooden pallet elements in different sizes specified by customers. Wood pellet product is 100% softwood pinus brutia from Canakkale region, derived to sawdust (no chemicals and adhesives). The company provides clients with those wood by-products that are dried, then densified into high grade pressed pellets. The qualified staff have the meticulous approach to screening and selection of wood fiber to meet high quality requirements and reliable, consistent end product. ENplus A1 premium quality (stands for low emissions and trouble-free heating with high energy value) is for household use while SBP (Sustainable Biomass Programme) Standards are for the use of industry, large-scale energy production. ENplus A1 certified wood pellets have high calorific value and mechanical durability which are way beyond the requirements. SBP certification provides assurance that woody biomass is supplied from legal and sustainable sources and that all regulatory requirements for the users of biomass for energy production are met. Industrial wood pellet fuel is suitable for burning in heating, combined heat, power utilities, and power plants. The supplier forest area of 538.782 hectares in Canakkale holds FSC Certificate (Forest Stewardship Council) that proves the raw materials are being received from legal and sustainable sources. The enterprise is ISO 90001 and ISO 14001 European Quality System Certified. All products are in compliance with the European Standards with CE mark and Turkish Standards. Characteristics of wood pellet: - Class: A1 - Diameter: 6mm + 1 - Length: 3,15 < L < 40 mm - Moisture content: < 10% - Ash: <0,7% - Gross Calorific value: > 4,6 kWh - Production volume: 7.000 to 10.000 tonnes per month - Pellet material: Pinus Brutia sawdust - Packed into 15 kg bags. Clients have the opportunity to have products delivered in big bags or bulks. - Stacked on a Euro pallet with 1.050 kg per pallet. The enterprise can provide permanent quantities of its products; therefore, it shall be considered as a reliable partner with long term cooperation for those who have established a network of marketing, handling, forwarding capabilities in mentioned importer markets. Commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement is offered to potential partners in order to spread products in the European markets and to increase the number of utilities / end-users in Europe. Potential partners will be given full support from the company for each stage of the sales process and implementation including commissioning and after-sales.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Ideal partners would be trading companies having their own sales network or established contacts with distributors of wood pellets, international retail chains and wholesalers that prefer premium, high quality products for heating, combined heat and power (CHP) utilities and power plants. The distributor is expected to build close cooperation with the Turkish company; put effort that the products are marketed effectively as well as the market positioning is performed appropriately. Detailed informing is expected on issues such as the supervision of dealers, the regular information delivery of markets and sales by the distributor.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
- A good level of knowledge and expertise in the specific markets of residential and industrial wood pellet
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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