A Turkish maritime safety business company is looking for partners under the distribution agreement

A Turkish company that is specialized in maritime safety is manufacturing load test and safe test equipments (high-quality load testing water bags for lifting equipment, life-saving appliances, hydrostatic release units for life rafts and EPIRB, tank for liquid storage). The company is looking for partners to extend their sales network under distribution agreements
From the late 1990's, a Turkish company has started in business life as a service company to carry out inspections and load tests of life saving and lifting appliances. Following this, in the early 2000s, the company has started manufacturing load test water bags for its own use.In 2009 the company was established with the known name and one year later, has begun to manufacture 100 tons water bag at first time in the world, which changed the course of heavy load-testing letting the customers carry out the tests easier with less equipment and cost. One of the main products of the company is load testing water bags. Bags can be used in different tonnages ranging from 1 to 100-ton. These bags are widely used in crane overload tests around the world. The branded load testing water bags are made of super-strong PVC, the highest quality fabric in tensile strength available in the sector. Operations requiring welding and connections are carried out by high frequency machines. All pieces (e.g. shackles, connection links and polyester slings) used in the product have certificates and specific manufacturer code numbers through which they are tracked and reported. Other main products of the company are hydrostatic release units (HRU), certified ATEX (atmosphere explosible) torch, fall preventer device, pad eye tester, buoy bags, air lift rescue and flotation bags, oil booms, towable bladders, load shackle, filling kits for water bags, wireless discharging unit, pumps. The mentioned products are used in these branches; shipyards, wharfs, ship chandlers, ship suppliers, oil & gas industry, offshore and onshore service companies The Turkish company is looking for partners who can represent them and do selling activities for the mentioned products under the distribution agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partner should be active in maritime sector if it will be a distributor. The partner has to provide qualitative representation and dissemination of the company's products on the local market. The future partner should be interested in establishing long-term cooperation with the Turkish company.
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