A Turkish producer of feed additives for poultry, livestock and aquaculture sectors seeks distribution and commercial agency agreements

A Turkish company, established in 2010, develops and produces feed additives for poultry, livestock, cattle, horse, swine, camel, fish and bee. With its certificates, the Turkish company meets more than the necessary standards that the market requires. The company is ambitious to enhance its reach via establishing long-term distribution and commercial agency partnerships.
The Turkish company was established in 2010 with the purpose to develop and produce high-quality feed additives for poultry, livestock and aquaculture sectors. As of today, the company has a leading position in the market with its largest-scale productive capacity in Turkey. Rather than dealing in the local market, since its establishment, the company has been putting all its effort on exporting its product range and today they are exporting to more than 30 countries including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Iraq, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Besides the main product line for poultry, livestock and aquaculture sectors, the company produces disinfectants and feed additives also for the apiculture sector. The very wide product range of the company includes powder/liquid premixes, licking blocks, pomades and licking molasses for: • Cattle • Sheep • Goat • Horse • Camel • Swine • Chicken • Turkey • Poultry Animals • Fish • Bee As a leading producer and exporter in Turkey, the company is enthusiastic about the chance to enter new markets. The company is already engaged in commercial activities in more than thirty countries and they have the ability to produce special orders. The Turkish company has the capacity and capability to produce special orders (including special packaging) in a short span of time. For the sake of establishing long-term and fruitful commercial relationships, the company seeks partners to cooperate with under distribution or commercial agency agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The type of partner sought: The Turkish company is seeking an experienced distributor or agency in the animal feed additive sector who has well connections for distribution and marketing the wide product range. The sought partners should also have experience about the local registration of such products. Types of cooperation considered: The Turkish producer company seeks commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement. The expectation of the Turkish company from future partners is distribution of its products in partners’ local markets.
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