A Turkish SME that offers an economical way of developing aerodynamic models for top level D type professional flight simulators seeks manufacturers of such simulators.

An SME specializes in dynamic modeling, simulation, and control system development for aerospace applications and has experience in rotorcraft, turbine engines, and wind turbines. Much of the capability is used starting from consultancy to software development of sub-systems to fully integrated FNPT (flight navigation procedure trainer)-type simulators and FFS (full flight simulator) Level D flight dynamics software. The SME is looking for integrator companies to sign subcontracting agreements.
A Turkish SME is especially specialized in-flight models’ software for simulators. The SME is now consolidated as one of the few global suppliers of high-fidelity flight models for integration in professional flight simulators. Also, the SME makes Level D flight dynamics software, which is the highest standard of the flight simulators. High fidelity flight models are the core of full flight simulators, as models replicate the aerodynamics that rules how aircraft flies and how they react to flight control inputs and to external physical conditions (turbulence, wind, precipitation, ...). The development and validation of flight models is a highly complex technical field, as an example, the flight models for a utility helicopter include to the 6-of aircraft dynamics, the rotor models, all the aerodynamic models, the turboshaft engine models, the transmission models, the stability augmentation algorithms, related malfunction models, emergency procedures, etc. The cost of a high-fidelity flight model for a new aircraft is in the range 1-2M€, related to the need for adaptation to the specificity of each aircraft´s geometry, flight controls, and panel instrumentation, even if each model extensively builds on the enterprise´s know-how. The SME is ready to conduct a partnership with experienced and well-known integrator companies that will help the SME to produce flight simulators with more affordable prices, and give sales-support and on-site installation. The SME expects to subcontract agreement with integrator companies.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The SME is looking for integrator companies, especially in the flight simulators’ market. The expected partner should be experienced in the simulator market and capable of integration of systems. The SME would like to collaborate with experienced manufacturer companies to make flight simulators for more affordable prices. Also, the partner should be able to give after-sales support and on-site installation.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
The SME develops its software models and systems using, mostly, its own tools and proprietary software. The result is also a closed source software that belongs to the SME. This is a computer program that is entitled to copyright protection irrespective of its form: source code, object code, or any other form.
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