A UK company is looking for distributors for unique salon hair treatments and products

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UK company requires distributors with a large client base in the hairdressing industry for their unique and revolutionary professional salon hair treatments which are used during the colouring and technical processes and for their retail product, a leave- in conditioner.
The directors of this UK company have worked within this sector for many years and have a wealth of experience including exporting and working with distributors and manufacturing partners. The company is at the forefront of innovative hair repair treatments and successfully launched two products in 2015 for salon use which can be used during all colouring and technical processes, such as perms, bleaching etc. as well as a standalone treatment. These are professional salon products which strengthen hair and create greater flexibility in the use of colour. A further conditioning product is available for retail sale. In early 2018 the next generation of these products was launched giving stylist and colourist limitless creative potential. The products strengthen and repair the hair to ensure it is healthy and can be used a number of times during the process of colouring. The standalone treatment and conditioner can be used as often as required. All products use the latest protein technology and the company continue to develop new innovative products to add to the range which will be launched in 2019. They currently distribute to UK salons and via online sales. Use of the products is supported by online videos and detailed instructions. With ambitions to grow, they are looking for distributors with a large client base in the hairdressing industry.
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This UK company is looking for distributors who already sell to hair salons and hair professionals. Ideally the distributor will have a large client base of hair salon chains and independent salons.
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