UK company offering patented gasification technology converting feedstock into synthetic gas for green energy purposes seek license/joint venture/commercial (technical assistance) partnership(s) in Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Indonesia, or Singapore.

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UK business, operating in the gas technology sector, offers patented downdraft gasification technology which converts biomass and other feedstock into pure synthetic gas for green energy purposes. The innovation offers a transportable, modular design facilitating easy installation for small-scale, off-grid power generation in private/remote locations. Company seeks license/joint venture/commercial (technical assistance) agreement(s) from Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Indonesia, or Singapore
This UK business, based in North Wales, has acquired over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in the gas technology and services industry. As a result, the company designed and manufactured an advanced gasification process to produce pure synthetic gas, accredited to be cleaner than natural gas alternatives. The Welsh company offers patented downdraft gasification technology capable of converting wood, waste, and biomass feedstocks into hydrogen-rich synthetic gas for heat and green energy purposes. Private and remote businesses/locations can often struggle to procure large quantities of power required for operations and must rely on off-grid systems to meet energy demands. The synthetic gas produced from this innovation can support small-scale, private systems or be adapted to export surplus power back into national grids. The company currently provide localised, on-site gasification and energy systems to industrial energy users, data and communication hubs, waste/recycling companies, biomass processors, and islands/remote locations – removing the need to source energy externally. The offering client seeks partnership opportunities with SME (11-250) and/or Industry (250-500) cooperation types to engage in licensing, joint venture, and/or commercial (with technical assistance) agreement(s). Such agreements will preferably be made with partner(s) from Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Indonesia, and/or Singapore. These markets are targeted in particular due to the remote/island geography where many areas may be without established/reliable power supplies. Many islands also import diesel to operate generators and export waste by products to facilities on larger land – the gasification technology would remove the need to do either. Businesses like green energy companies, waste producers, and industrial organisations equipped with local sales and market knowledge to support partnership and project development are the cooperation types specifically sought. Partners would be expected to install equipment and gasification systems, whilst maintaining and servicing the technology supplied from the UK. Ideal partners could be issued license agreements to build some/all gasification equipment locally and minimise supply chain activity. The offering client envisions a great deal of regional support and expertise from prospective partners to optimally facilitate installation of the gasification technology on a global basis whilst, addressing deficiencies in local, renewable energy by providing the clean patented solution.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The offering client seeks companies currently operating in the renewable energy and/or industrial sectors, such as bio-waste producers, capable of operating gasification technology and handling synthesis gas for either on-site use or local energy supply. Prospective partners are expected to have a wealth of local expertise in renewable technologies with access to manufacturing and maintenance resources to support projects locally – removing the need to transport system engineers from the UK. Such partnerships would support the joint venture/commercial with technical assistance agreements sought. A cooperation’s capabilities and relationship formed with the offering client will determine whether local partners simply drive and manage regional sales, installation, and servicing or be awarded full license rights for that location or country.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The company service orders from across the UK and field inquiries from around the world like Canada and countries within Asia.
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Patents granted
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