UK designer of smart adaptive clothing for tube fed children seeks distributors

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The UK design company that produces a range of comfortable, fashionable sensory clothing to provide dignity for children fed by tube due to medical reasons, is seeking distributors.
The UK company was established in 2018 by the founders who discovered that there was limited clothing available to fit tube fed children from personal experience and equally very limited choice. The company’s aim is to provide adaptive clothing for children who require feeding tubes due to medical reasons. Feeding tubes are surgically placed in the abdominal wall which means at feeding times patients have to undress even if in public to reach the feeding tube port. The company’s adaptation in clothing has easy access such as a hole or slit to reach the feeding tube port without compromising comfort or dignity. There is a focus on fabric quality and end product functionalities and practicality. The product range caters for all children who require long term feeding through the abdominal area using gastrostomy and enterostomy tube feeding. The adaptations in designs are simple yet so discreet it is not possible to tell the difference. This allows these children to be individuals in their own right and express their own personalities through colours and designs without having to compromise comfort, dignity or functionality when it comes to clothing. All clothing comes as integrated 2 in 1’s. An integrated bodysuit and t-shirt in one for tube fed children who are still in nappies. In addition to an integrated undervest and t-shirt in one for tube fed children who are toilet trained. Although they look like a one item they are actually 2 items which means a separate undergarment is not required.. The company has been growing rapidly and is already receiving orders from Australia, USA and some areas of Western Europe but would like to expand its market by use of distributors and is offering distribution service agreements to suitable partners.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Distributors sought who already have connections into specialist clothing supply markets or gastric specialist centres for children.
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Already on the market
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Design Rights,Trade Marks
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Design rights registered in - Australia, UK, Europe
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