UK events technology SME is looking for a NFC cards manufacturer under a manufacturing agreement

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UK events company that has developed a technological solution that incorporates both hardware and software to assist professionals within the events industry. The solution utilises near field communication technology (NFC). The UK company is looking for a manufacturer that produces the NFC cards in bulk orders when required under a manufacturing agreement.
The UK based company has developed an innovative events technology solution for events professionals who specialise in organising and facilitating events such as exhibitions and conferences. The technology assists with digital marketing activities by providing data sharing and lead capture features in a single seamless interaction. This should allow the users of this technology to complete events administration related tasks much faster and create the capacity to focus on other areas of work related to events. The technology solution is a piece of hardware that captures data when an event attendee taps it using a near field communications (NFC) card. The data is then accessible to all relevant parties through any online connected device. The UK company is requesting the manufacture of NFC cards in bulk with an international partner to lower the cost of production per unit. The manufacturing agreement is expected to be long term as the company scales up it will require more cards. It is important that the cards are made to the exact specifications requested, otherwise they will not be fit for purpose.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
A partner that can manufacture near field communication (NFC) cards to the specification mentioned in expertise sought in bulk orders when required.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
A partner that can manufacture near field communications (NFC) cards. The cards will be required to interact with the company's current technology. The cards must be Mifare Classic / 1K chipset. The design needs to be yellow on both sides to match the company's brand and unique 8 digital serial numbers embossed on the card and encoded on the NFC chip.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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