UK Midlands SME is seeking technology partners to develop an innovation that supports copyright protection and fair remuneration for creatives.

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A UK SME is developing a digital platform and innovation for creatives and their discoverers which tracks and traces their digital content online to minimise plagiarism and losses in remuneration. They are now seeking technical and research cooperation partner/s with skills in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to co-develop the solution, and conduct research in the development to bring together multiple disciplines.
Society is evolving to digital technology with seamless connectivity almost everywhere. The expanses in digital technology with its seamless connectivity have created a problem for both the creator and the discoverer of content; it’s often that creatives (and the industry as a whole) find their work plagiarised as well as shared virally across the internet without any protection or attribution. The UK SME has found a way to solve this huge problem. The system is unique and offers a single media solution to support copyright protection, promotion, collaboration and to monetise in a way others don’t. Their goal is to oversee the creation of an effective online download and streamlining market of scale, providing content which is affordable and easily and conveniently accessible to consumers. The company is now looking for technical and research cooperation partner/s to co-develop and support the technical implementation of the platform (PaaS) which supports a two-sided (multi-sided) business model, that reconfigures the supply chain and brings together creatives and their discoverers (artists, fans, businesses, and sponsors) into a digital sharing economy.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The following partner types and roles are sought in the context of technical and research co-operation to co-develop the solution, and conduct research in the development to bring together multiple disciplines. Developers who would typically be SME’s or larger organisations with substantial experience in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and in the fields including, big data analytics, real time data, Corpus Linguistics and social UX/UI design. The ideal partner(s) would have expertise in system design and testing for large scale social interaction platforms. The solution, if successful, will be scaled across a global network of users.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
Technical areas that the company need support with are listed below: Skills in blockchain and smart contracts to gain a real-time digital ledger of transactions and movements for all participants in their supply chain network. Blockchain is likely a mix of private (permissioned) solutions with public smart contracts (for public trust). The user interface, with which all users will interact and a data engine, leveraging artificial intelligence techniques (e.g., sabermetrics, reinforcement learning, machine learning, and corpus linguistics).
Stage of Development: 
Field tested/evaluated
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The UK SME has developed two static prototypes of the platform that have been put to 3100+ creatives through market research. Additional market research was carried out with a further 4000 creatives and discoverers through social media, and this provided over 70% positive response for their solution and service. Successful partnership with the Big Data Corridor ERDF project has produced datasets to support early user adoption and network effects. The company have received accolades from Innovate UK (UK business support agency) who said “The proposed innovation could be as disruptive as the JPEG”, and a UK University feasibility review and report has validated the innovation, competition, market and technical feasibility.
IPR Status: 
Trade Marks,Copyright
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
There is a strong impression that, given the novelty of the approach of their innovation and technical approach, there are many opportunities to develop Intellectual Property that can be formally protected such as patents. This would be an important vector.
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