A UK (Scotland) company with an innovative mooring system for yachts and small craft seeks distribution partnership agreements

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A UK (Scotland) SME has developed an innovative mooring system for yachts and small craft. The novel buoy design improves safety and reliability by providing a pick up point at deck level along with a mooring line that always remains clean and free from marine growth. It has been sold for 3 years within the UK market including to major yachting associations. The company is now looking to expand into international markets and is looking for distribution partners.
A UK (Scotland) SME is offering a novel range of mooring buoys that improve safety for the sailor while also improving reliability for the mooring owner. This new design of mooring buoy improves sailor safety by providing a pick up point at deck level for easy attachment to the mooring. With the pick-up point at deck level, attachment can even be carried out by hand rather than with a boathook. Reflective surfaces are built in to aid night time use and close quarters navigation. The mooring buoy owner will benefit from a mooring line that will, by design, remain clean and free of marine growth. Reliability is also improved with a design that eliminates the need for an underwater swivel. The company was founded by a structural engineer with decades of offshore industry experience. The novel mooring buoy design was borne out of frustration during an attempt at mooring one night at a traditional mooring which required several approaches. The mooring buoy has been sold throughout the UK and has been designed and manufactured with the global market in mind. The company are now looking to expand into international markets and are looking for distributors.
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The company is keen to offer its products to businesses internationally and looks to sign a distribution services agreement. Ideally the partner will support the distribution of the product into their own market to other businesses and find new leads. The distribution partner will already be well connected within the mooring industy in their region with experience of introducing new products to their market place.
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Already on the market
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Design Rights
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