UK supplier of eye glass holders seeks optical accessories / giftware distributors in Europe

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This company is based in the East Midlands region of the UK and is a wholesale supplier of a range of unique eye glass (spectacles) holders with designs appealing to men, women and children. The holders help to reduce the risk of spectacles being lost and lenses being scratched or damaged if they are just placed on a hard surface. In order to increase market penetration the company is looking to establish distribution agreements with European partners.
The company was established in the UK in 2015 when the owner, as a long time wearer of spectacles realised there was a gap in the market for a product to hold spectacles when not being worn, reducing the risk of loss or damage to the lenses. He designed an extensive range of holders to appeal to men, women and children, so they can be in the form of sporting items, animal figures or ornamental objects. The product is manufactured in China from either poly-resin or ceramic to the company's design specification and is supplied either direct from China for Asian / Australasian sales, or from the company's warehouse in the UK for European sales. The products are independently tested for quality, and new designs can be brought to the market very quickly, taking advantage of any new and upcoming trends. The company is already selling into Europe, the current route to market being mainly by exhibiting at trade fairs, and is now looking to supply on a more formal basis by forming distribution agreements, specifically with partners who are experienced optical accessory or giftware distributors. Research recently published in The Opthalmology Journal suggests that nearly 50% of the world's population will be wearing spectacles by 2050, so there is potential for a sustained increase in sales of spectacle holders over this period.
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The UK company is looking for long-term distribution partners across Europe to fulfill the potential increase in demand for eye glass holders due to a forecast increase in spectacle wearers. Specifically the distributors should be well established and experienced in the areas of optical accessories and / or giftware with an existing network of customers in this sector. In return the partner can expect high quality product with ongoing product and marketing support.
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Already on the market
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