UK university looking for research cooperation partners for H2020 proposal on Low carbon industrial production

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A London based university is preparing an H2020 project proposal. The main project goal is to develop, test and optimise an innovative and cost effective solution able to enhance the capture and utilisation of carbon dioxide (CO2). The university will be the technical coordinator of the project and is looking for partners under a research cooperation agreement that can take care of the administrative coordination of the project, end users for testing, and a partner for CO2 storage.
The direct correlation of the increase of greenhouse gases, particularly CO2, with global warming and climate change is one of the most urgent problems humanity faces today. The ability, therefore, to develop effective processes that will assist in reducing the CO2 content within the atmosphere is crucial as it will have a massive impact on the atmospheric environment, and subsequently the overall ecosystem and both rural and urban communities. Despite existing “Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage” (CCUS) technologies being considered mature, this is still an emerging market where significant commercial uptake has not yet been achieved. This project aims at developing and testing an innovative carbon capture solution for the industrial sector in a relevant environment, specifically for cement manufacturers and to transform the CO2 captured in useful products and/or bioproducts. More specifically the university's objectives are: 1) To develop and implement multiphase continuous intensified reactors/ photo bioreactors for the intensive capture of CO2 and the subsequent utilisation of it to useful products. 2) To demonstrate impactful economic and quality (low contamination of syngas by the absorbent) benefits by the use of ionic liquids/ microalgae in the context of industrially-relevant problems. 3) To exemplify the general approach in the context of industrial need (intensifying CO2 capture). The university team is diverse, creative and focused, thus resulting in an ideal partnership/synergy for delivering the project outcomes. Specifically, the main sector the university is looking for are cement or oil refineries or heavy industries. The deadline for Expression of Interests (EOIs) is 19 August 2019 The deadline for the call is 26 August 2019
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The London-based university is looking for industrial partners belonging to the following sectors: steel, iron and cement making, oil refining, gas processing, hydrogen production, biofuel production and waste incineration plants. They are looking for an administrative coordinator, while they prefer to be the technical coordinator. For end-users: They need industries (SMEs and/or large enterprises) to test the solution to Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL6). For CO2 storage: one of the Working Programmes (WPs) is related to the storage of CO2, they need a partner who has experience in this.
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