Obchodné príležitosti s bruselskými firmami


Dávame do pozornosti ponuky na spoluprácu s belgickými firmami z regiónu Brusel. Sú z oblastí:
- móda
- zdravie
- potravinárstvo
- služby

V prípade záujmu o kontakt na konkrétnu ponuku (alebo viaceré), pošlite nám číslo ponuky na e-mailovú adresu: sopkueu@sopk.sk


• A Belgian company specialized in licensed fashion brands accessories is looking for distributors or commercial agents - BOBE20230207006
• Belgian manufacturer of fine and luxury jewelry seeks distributors and agents - BOBE20220912015

• Belgian web development agency is offering subcontracting and outsourcing agreement for digitalization project, web and mobile applications or web development - BOBE20220913006

• Belgian company producing reliable automatic lubrication systems is looking for distributors specialized in industrial lubricants - BOBE20220621010
• A Belgian company specialized in the supplying of special steel for the steel users in different industries is looking for distributors. - BOBE20220614017

Projects in developing countries
• Belgian company specialised in turn-key projects in medical, environmental and agro industrial sectors, is looking for investment partners to enlarge the capacity of projects' financing and for subcontractors to complete technical and commercial offers. - BRBE20230301023

• Belgian company providing relocation service for medical records in primary care is looking for commercial agents in Europe and is offering outsourcing agreement - BOBE20220913011
• Belgian company developing sustainable consumer goods and zero-waste products is looking for resellers, sales agents, wholesalers or distributors - BOBE20220809013

Food and beverages
• Belgian company specialised in import-export of African agrofood products is looking for distributors - BOBE20230405004
• Belgian commercial agent is offering commercial agency agreement for foodstuff, agriculture products and seafood - BRBE20221123018
• Belgian company active in the cutting and processing of meat is looking for commercial representatives and distributors in the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Tunesia, Algeria). - BOBE20220504014
• Manufacturer of promotional items for the brewing and beverages industries is looking for commercial agents - BOBE20220427003
• Belgian engineering company specialised in multilayer growing solutions for the production of strawberries is looking for commercial relations with distributors, retailers, intermediaries in Canada and the United States. - BOBE20220330017

• Belgian customs agency is offering outsourcing or subcontracting agreement to importers/exporters with more than 100 shipments/month from Belgian ports and is looking for a partner in logistics under investment agreement - BOBE20230307018
• Belgian company providing advisory and regulatory services to manufacturers for accessing the EU, Swiss and UK markets is looking for commercial partners under subcontracting or commercial representation agreements - BOBE20230216005