German SMEs is offering its production services for video, films and TV-shows

20.07.2017Published 1598 days ago
Founded in 1996, the Berlin-based German company produces audio-visual content (20-25 new productions per year), primarily for primetime slots at German public TV stations. Hereby, the focus is on creative documentaries and media packages with an international background, regarding topics like history, politics, science and nature. Two films per year are produced for cinemas while the others are TV documentaries. About three third of the film productions are produced for international licensing and reach a market in up to 55 countries worldwide.

Accredited testing laboratory for hygiene and medical devices offers service agreement for microbiological test.

18.07.2017Published 1600 days ago
The German laboratory offers quality test services in the medical sector, especially for medical devices. The treatment for the use/ reuse of medical products is regulated by law (e. g. in Europe by Medical Device Directive) and has to be processed by validated processes. The laboratory belongs to a voluntary network of independent accredited testing institutes and inspection bodies. Besides its core business, the company focusses on research activities and is actually involved in two international research projects.

Innovative gap measurement standard

11.07.2017Published 1607 days ago
A German research institute, active in metrology, has developed a new standard for precise measurements of gaps in threads and gearing, which is of enormous importance to ensure function and reliability. The gap measurement standard consists of a thermic, invariant base plate with at least four superimposed precision balls whose positions to each other are calibrated. In each case, two precision balls are forming one gap. The distances and diameters of precision balls and ball tips are so positioned that approximately the same geometric conditions exist, when e.g.