A Serbian company specialized in innovative dietary products providing detox & immunity is looking for partners through distribution services agreements.

11.12.2019Published 1025 days ago
The company was established in 2007 in Belgrade, Serbia. It deals with the production of dietary and nutritional supplements. Its products are capsules and powders based on a new formula for the healthy lifestyle. The company’s experts, medical doctors and other researchers, developed an effective composition of the product. The company produces its innovative products on its own. It also produces and designs all the packaging. A sales and distribution department covers the whole country.

A Serbian SME with expertise in physico-chemical and biotechnological measurement for chemical, petrochemical, and agro-food industries offers service agreement

13.11.2018Published 1418 days ago
A Serbian SME is founded in 1993, it is specialized for chemical and biotechnological measurements and consulting. The company has the multidisciplinary staff consisting of chemists, physical chemists, biochemists, and geologists. The company has certificates (SRPS ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.) for environmental samples analysis, and is part of an international proficiency testing network.

Socially responsible printing company from Serbia is interested in cooperation in the form of financial, manufacturing or joint venture agreement

14.05.2018Published 1601 days ago
Serbian company employing persons with disabilities is involved in printing and sewing industry. Services of the company are printing on ceramics and glass, multicolor textile printing, offset printing, pad printing, digital printing, laser engraving, production of souvenirs, tailoring and sewing of workwear and protective clothing (summer/winter-work trousers, jackets, vests, T-shirts, polo shirts). The company has modern printing and sewing equipment which allows a variety of services and meets high standards of modern trade and business.

Serbian company offers customized social media listening & monitoring tool

04.09.2017Published 1853 days ago
Serbian digital performance marketing startup created marketing IT tool enabling branded Facebook competitions on Facebook page like quizzes, questionnaires and photo contests. Applications for Facebook competitions are one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase activity of clients, engage more clients in Facebook, and thus promote a brand, product, or service. The company's platform was launched in 2016. Despite 2 billion Facebook users, it was noted that the increase in engagement and the number of participants on Facebook is difficult to achieve in the short term.

Serbian company specialized in producing fresh meat and processed meat products is looking for distributors, joint venture cooperation, merger and/or exchange of shares, and is also open to sell a part of its company.

02.09.2017Published 1855 days ago
The company is the largest meat processing industry in Serbia, with a wide range of products and a big number of quality awards due to the top quality of their products, modern production techniques and the application of high quality standards.

Serbian institute offers bio-analytical monitoring of organophosphates and carbamates

31.08.2017Published 1857 days ago
A laboratory of the largest Serbian institute for natural sciences, is specialized in development and applications of separation and electrochemical methods for biomedicine and protection of the environment. The laboratory has expertize in liquid-phase microextraction, liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry, and developed a program for determination of conditions for experimental membrane extraction of pesticides. Serbian institute is offering a testing kit for semi-quantitative detection of organophosphate and carbamate pesticides in water developed by the laboratory.

A Serbian producer of baby textile toys is looking for partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina for manufacturing agreement

21.08.2017Published 1867 days ago
A Serbian company started its business last year but the owner has 10 years of experience in the industry through family business. Its first patented product was baby bottle tote with natural beeswax as an insulator. The product is patented in Germany last year and has been distributed by Germany company since May 20017. The owner invented new type of textile baby toys few months ago. It is baby textile toy with 3D head (bear, elephant, lion…etc) and body is flat textile. Dimensions are around 20cm x 23cm.

A Serbian market consulting agency is offering its market research services in the fields of renewable energy, environment, energy efficiency, information technology, and telecommunications for the Western Balkans through service agreements

04.08.2017Published 1884 days ago
A Serbian Ltd. company handles market evaluations for international companies in the Western Balkans and assists the study cases in the fields of renewable energy, environment, energy efficiency, information technology, and telecommunications. More than 200 market studies have been performed. Market research is one of the key factors for maintaining competitiveness over competitors and awareness of customer needs. Via this research the company provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition.

Serbian manufacturer of high-quality eco-friendly children's clothes and accessories seeks distributors

24.07.2017Published 1895 days ago
A small Serbian family-run marketing and consulting agency with over a decade of experience in business and other management consultancy activities acceded to the task of building its own brand. As part of the different marketing campaigns, the agency has done numerous logos, slogans, graphic design solutions, prepress and printing of promotional and advertising materials, websites, development and management of social networks pages, social campaigns – copyright and advertising on different social channels like Facebook and Instagram, etc.

Serbian IT company offers agency agreement for introducing GlobalGAP standard in agricultural companies

12.07.2017Published 1907 days ago
The company is founded in Serbia by people who, at that time, had more than 10 years of experience in IT industry and 5 years of intensive experience in agriculture.