An Albanian clothing company seeks distributors.

This is an Albanian clothing company, which offers services of high standards and quality in the field of design, styling and manufacture of fashion clothing. It has been 28 years since its founder had dared to undertake the establishment of the company. They are able to produce all kinds of samples of clothing according to the requests and specifications set by partners, which will be engaged in a distribution agreement.
The Albanian company started its activity in clothing area in 1993, as a small enterprise. Nowadays it can produce 4000 different types of clothes per day, and due to this, achieving a high production capacity which totals around 1.2 million pieces per year. Constant investment on contemporary technology has lead to factories to be able to perform all the technological processes of textile treatment such as tailoring, sewing, dyeing, stone washing, ironing, packaging etc. All these processes are carried out by specialized modern machinery and qualified staff. The company is operated by 200 workers and specialists of the clothing area. The Albanian clothing industry is not limited in one clothing pattern. It is open to new ideas and projects by making its experience in the field for the sketching and design of new models available. The company is adapted to new computer systems which make it possible to offer to the clients’ high levels of production outcome. The company produces clothes to the wishes and preferences of partners, but not only. It also produces and sells 3-4 collections per year, which they design on their own mark. The company is actually exporting in Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and Kosovo and it has worked for well known clients in the global market such as: "Jack and Jones", "Only Jeans", "Meltin Pot", "Versace", "Tommy Hilfiger", "Angel & Soul", "Free Soul", "Ted Baker", "Lui Jo", "Staff & Co", "Harmond & Blaine" etc. It is looking to get engaged in a distribution services agreement. The partner should act as a distributor for clothes, but also can make customized requests.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Albanian Company is interested on finding partners, which should act as distributors of the collection designed . The partners sought can provide the fabric and all the accessories and apparel model of clothes they want to produce, if they want to order They should act as distributors of the collections designed on the company's trademark.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Design Rights,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights
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