Argentinian exporter is seeking distributors in Europe for their grains which are soybean, yellow corn, wheat grain, feed barley, coriander seeds, canary bird seeds, yellow/green peas.

Argentinian company is producing agricultural products and sell agricultural inputs as well as they buy and sell grains. Among other things, they are also in the cattle business; they offer services of generation and management of agricultural businesses. The company is seeking partners in Europe to distribute its products (soybean, yellow corn, wheat grain, feed barley, coriander seeds, canary bird seeds, yellow/green peas), under a distribution agreement.
Argentine company that produces crops for more than 15 years. Among their products, they grow and export soybean (NON GMO/GMO), yellow corn (NON GMO/GMO), coriander seeds, canary bird seeds, wheat grain, feed barley, whole yellow/green peas, sunflower seeds, among others. This Argentine company is also in the cattle business and they offer services and management of agricultural business. The company is recognized for its values, which are confidence, transparency, capacity and quality of work and professionalism. The headquarters are in San Carlos de Bolívar, a city located in the center of Buenos Aires, where most of the production takes place. They have also a representation in Uruguay, and they have worked in other countries such as Africa, Central America and the USA. Not so long ago, this company started to export their crops. European countries might be extremely interested in importing their products, such us coriander seeds, non GMO soybean, canary bird seeds, etc. The company is seeking for a Distribution services agreement. A distribution partner will enable the company to access international markets. It is easier for a distributor with an established reputation and contacts list to introduce the mentioned products to the market than it would be for the company.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Importers of the goods we produce and export.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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