Armenian producer of bottled still spring and sparkling natural mineral water is looking for distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement

The Armenian company is involved in production of bottled still spring and sparkling natural mineral water. The company produces natural water both in plastic (still water) and glass (sparkling water) bottles (330, 500, 800 ml). The company wants to expand its sales and is looking for new sales markets under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreements.
This Armenian company has been founded in 2020 and since then became one of the leading producers of bottled water in Armenia. The company produces bottled natural water both in plastic (still spring water) and glass (sparkling mineral water) bottles (330, 500, 800 ml). The company uses modern German equipment in its production. The factory consists of two lines: the still water is filled in PET bottles (330, 500 and 800 ml) and the sparkling mineral water is filled in glass bottles (330, 500 and 800 ml). Each line has the production capacity of 120,000 bottle/day. The bottling plant is constructed in accordance with the highest standards and building codes, adhering to food production standards. The most specific regulations of the EU were adopted. The production lines are manufactured and installed by a well-known German manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment, the KHS GmbH, which is considered to be one of the top in its field worldwide. Both filling lines are fully- automated with a very strict regimen of hygiene and quality control. The company has been certified by SGS multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. The company has obtained State Registration of natural mineral water, the Declaration of Conformity for spring water for Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) countries as well as ISO 22000:2018 Food safety management systems — Requirements for any organization in the food chain. The company’s production has been also officially recognized by Federal Republic of Germany as natural mineral water according to EU directives. The still spring water is captured through naturally constructed catchments, composed of different sizes of river pebbles. The water then flows through a slotted collector pipe, made of stainless steel. This allows the water to naturally flow through the force of gravity from the mountain down to the plant. No tanks or reservoirs are used. The company uses special technologies and equipment to save all the natural minerals and healthy elements in the water. Sources of the water contains bicarbonate, it is rich in calcium and low in sodium with a total mineralization of 1,357.0 mg/l. The spring water is considered low-to-medium in its mineralization content, with a total mineralization of 111.99 mg/l which makes it considerably well balanced. The water source of the natural mineral water is in Anapak Mountain (2050m above sea level) while the company’s spring water is derived from the Aknaler Mountain (2400m above sea level). The company’s plastic and glass bottles have high quality and interesting design which allows to use the company’s still and sparkling natural waters in any accession: everyday life, at the time of sport, as a table water, etc. The company’s production is already well known in Armenian market and is sold in big supermarkets as well as in Carrefour supermarkets of Armenia. The company has large production capacity and is planning to enlarge it. Thus the company wants to expand its sales and find new foreign markets. The company is interested in distribution services agreement, as wants to sell its production in foreign markets. The company is alo interested in commercial agency agreement as would like to find partners ready to represent its brand in foreign markets.
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The company is looking for distributors of mineral sparkling and still spring water (generally: food and beverages) who are ready to sell its product in foreign markets (supermarkets, restaurants, specialized stores, hotels, etc.) under distribution services agreement. The company is also looking for supermarkets, specialized stores and other companies which may be interested to represent the company’s brand in foreign countries under the commercial agency agreement.
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Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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The company has obtained IPR
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