Armenian producer of handmade luxury wooden play boards, souvenirs and jewelry is looking for distribution services, manufacturing agreement or commercial agency agreement.

This Armenian company is involved in the production of different products from natural wood, such as chessboards, other playboards, wooden clocks, statues and other souvenirs a well as bijouterie. The company is already very famous in Armenia. The company continuously develops and enlarges its production both in Armenia and abroad. The company is looking for distribution services, manufacturing, or commercial agency agreements.
The Armenian company was founded in 1985 successfully developing its activities and production up to now. The company offers large variety of wooden products made from high quality natural wood, such as beech and walnut. The company stands out for it quality assortment of luxury gifts and souvenirs, such as chessboards, other wooden play boards, wooden clocks and statues, barrels, jewelry, etc. This company is continuously developing its production and technics, as well as enlarges the variety. Each product goes through 17 stages from processing to final product. Company's workers are quality masters of wood art, who use latest technologies to create quality products as art works. Wooden sections are connected using a special comb technology, which prevents the appearance of possible irregularities and cracks due to weather conditions. Company creates products for every taste, age and gender and works both by own design or by client's special order. The company already has an experience of exporting, as is represented in USA and Russia. It has brand stores in both countries. The company wants to enlarge its sales and is looking for distributors, who are interested to sell the company's products under the distribution services agreement. The company wants to enter into new markets, so is looking for representation in foreign countries under the commercial agency agreement. The company is also ready to produce by the order of a foreign company under the partner's own bran under manufacturing agreement.
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The Armenian company is looking for distributors of wooden products, souvenirs, chessboards, and other play boards, as well as bijouterie, who are ready to sell the company’s products in foreign countries. The Armenian company is looking for companies involved in production or sale of wooden products, souvenirs, chessboards, and other play boards, as well as bijouterie, who are interested to order the Armenian company wooden products under their own brand or design to cooperate under the manufacturing agreement. The Armenian company is also looking for new representation opportunities in foreign countries and is looking for companies or entities, that are interested to represent the company's brand and products in foreign countries under the commercial agency agreement.
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Already on the market
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