Austrian company specialised in industrial digital textile printing solutions is looking for distribution partners

An Austrian company is specialized in the professional provision of complete solutions in the field of industrial digital textile printing. It offers everything needed for a functioning textile print production: It is a manufacturer of DTG (Direct To Garment) printers, pre-treatment machines, dryers, folding machines and also offers all the fluids needed. As the company is constantly growing, it is looking for new distribution and (re)sales partners to support its worldwide sales.
The Austrian SME was founded in 2011. It is based in the west of Austria, where also the production site is located. In the founding year, the first prototype was already presented to an international trade audience. In the following years, the prototype was further developed and the company focused on building both national and international business relationships and increasing sales. Since the beginning, the focus of technological development has been on the needs of the customers. The company develops and produces industrial digital direct printing solutions. The entire manufacturing process, software development, research and development, design, assembly and also logistics are realised and controlled from the company headquarter. The company's activities also include the sale of inks, cleaners and accessories, the provision of training, the production of samples, as well as the installation of printers and worldwide customer support. The printing solutions are used in the textile and textile printing industry, clothing industry, advertising technology, print-on-demand fulfilment, decoration and finishing. The success of the company, which has always focused its technological developments on the needs of its customers, is proof that it is on the right track. The company has been growing steadily since it was founded and is already active on the international market. In order to meet the demand and to support international distribution, the company is looking for new and reliable partners worldwide to establish distribution agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
As the Austrian company is constantly growing, it is looking for distributors and/or resellers. The company is looking for partners to distribute, sell or resell its industrial digital textile printing machines and to stock spare parts, inks and other machine components. In addition, the partner should have local technicians to guarantee support and service in the respective country. All technicians will be trained intensively at the headquarter in Austria. The partner should have all the qualifications to support the company´s distribution in the respective country, such as appropriate market access and personnel and financial capacities. Ideally, the partner has contacts in the textile and textile printing industry, clothing industry and advertising sector. The partner could also be directly an interested customer. The Austrian company is looking for a reliable partnership of trust and quality.
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Already on the market
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