An Austrian designer and manufacture of outdoor textile products (except clothes) offers its services under a subcontracting agreement

An Austrian company is experienced in individual textile production of outdoor products like tents, solar protection assemblies, trolleys, bags, avalanche airbags, hammocks etc. (not clothes) and works with Asian sewing partners. It offers its prototyping and quality management services to production companies worldwide under manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.
The Austrian company was founded in 2013 and from its beginning it focused on the production of individual textile goods and on textile processing on a high-quality level. Over the years the company worked with established outdoor (sports) brands all over the world. Now, the company is looking for new international partners to expand its activities/cooperation network. The company offers to new partners: - sewing services of prototype products under subcontracting and - monitoring services of the manufacturing process with reliable existing sewing partners in Asia according to the ordering partner´s requirements e.g. the order of the client sets the design, quality and quantity desired. The firm is only focused on exclusive customised prototyping and monitoring of sewing processes for foreign manufacturers; that means they do not want to develop their own original product. Over the years, the Austrian company has gained experience in manufacturing different designs from various outdoor textile materials manufactured by existing partners in Asia. Quality and time managament is of importance for the company. It is also specialised in the production of demanding prototypes with many details (zippers, pockets, straps, patches) and puts great emphasis on precision and safety.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Austrian company wants to establish a long-term partnership by offering its customised services according to the partner's requirements in the form of manufacturing or subcontracting agreements. A suitable partner is a company that sells outdoor (sports) products, but does not have an own creative prototyping /manufacturing capacity. Alternatively, the company seeks a partner who wants to expand its portfolio with new additional products and is therefore looking for a new reliable European manufacturer or subcontractor. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the company wants to underline that it does not cover the production of textile clothes but many other textile sport products.
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Already on the market
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