Austrian developer and producer of multifunctional fruit drinks as well as producer of regional hemp gin seeks European partners for a distribution service agreement

An Austrian producer of three different flavours of multifunctional fruit drinks and hemp gin is looking for distribution partners in European countries for it´s regional and sustainable products. For their distribution network they are looking for new European partners (the focus lies on Germany) willing to cooperate with them with the benefit to be able to profit from a high-quality product range.
Driven by the passion to invent and launch an innovative and healthy drink for everyone, the founder of the company, an Austrian physician, started his business located in Graz (province of Styria) in 2009. The multifunctional fruit drinks are available in three main types: red (activating), yellow (relaxing) and green (regenerating). Red = ACTIVE: is a refreshing functional drink, the unique fruit bomb that vitalizes body and soul. A fruit content of 50% paired with the active ingredient l-arginine ensures an incomparable taste experience while releasing natural energy. No matter if you drink it before an exhausting workout, during a bad patch at the office or as a refreshing kick during the day. The combination of natural active substances - a selected blend of grape, passion fruit, guava and mango as well as maca, ginseng and royal jelly together with the powerful amino acid l-arginine - gives the drink a special taste, completely without added sugar. Yellow = RELAXED: naturally relaxes your system. A sophisticatedly assembled fruit content of more than 50% combined with the active ingredient l-tryptophan not only tastes good, but also helps to contribute to relaxation. Whether you drink it before doing yoga, after a stressful day at work or simply to help you wind down. The functional drink combines balm, honey, banana, apricot, pomegranate and cranberry as well as the amino acid l-tryptophan to a fruity taste, naturally without added sugar. Green = HAPPINESS: if you are searching for that “moment of happiness”, this is the perfect drink. A fruit content of 61% combined with the active ingredients l-tryptophan and spirulina algae ensure regeneration and relaxation. Happy moments for mind and body, because it also helps to stimulate cell renewal. Just the right drink when you come home after an exhausting day and need some positive vibes! Multi-fruit drink with hemp powder and natural hemp flavouring, l-tryptophane and 61% fruit, no added sugar (fruits contain natural sugar). Handcrafted Hemp Gin: Besides the fruit drinks the producer also offers a natural gin with real hemp made in Austria which can perfectly be mixed with the mentioned fruit drinks. Currently awarded in London as Austria´s number one in the Contemporary Style Category, the company's hemp gin is available in the sizes: 500ml, 200ml, 40ml. The company is now interested in finding new distribution partners in other European countries. Potential partners should dispose of a well situated and organized commercial network standing out for its sales force and excellent marketing approach. The company’s clients are food/beverage wholesalers, retail chains as well as distributors at the Horeca segment for hotels, bars etc. A high-quality level is essential for the producers which is guaranteed by using high qualitative ingredients. Therefore, the product´s price range is measured to middle or high income buyers.
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For the international distribution the Styrian fruit drink/gin producer is looking for potential partners, who import and distribute - exclusively - the products within their network in the contractual territories. The partner should be experienced in the beverage market of its region and also be used and able to handle the official and legal challenges of introducing new products to the market. Expertise in marketing, sales and legal matters are required. The company seeks distribution partners who are not measured by its size but by its expertise. Potential partners are invited to buy the completely branded products in order to sell them in their own domestic countries. Potential partners should be able to sell the client`s products in its local market by having the opportunity to build on existing branded marketing tools. The amount of can orders, which can be delivered to the distribution partner start with 1 palette with 2.500 cans each variety. Individual branding of cans starts to be economical at an amount of 150.000 cans. Gin quantities on request.
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Already on the market
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