Austrian producer of naturally flavoured, organic low-calory potato crisps is looking for food distributors in Germany and Scandinavia.

The manufacturer is located in the south of Austria and produces a variety of baked potato crisps. The company has created revolutionary air-crisps which are the organic, low-fat alternative to common potato crisps on the market. They are now searching for a snack distributor in Scandinavia and Germany with good connections to chain food markets to help promote and distribute its product line.
The company was founded in 2010 as a branch of a well known family-owned bakery/pastry shop in the south of Austria. It started with a first try to invent a new generation of potato crisps, which can be consumed without bad conscience. The latter is usually caused by the high calories in common crisps. The idea behind this invention was to offer crisps that are produced without added fat but with natural ingredients. Because of the hot air baking procedure the shape of the crisps is not flat but round like small balls. Therefore, they are also called air-crisps. The crisps can be ordered in 9 different flavours with 100% natural organic and regional ingredients. Some ingredients contain a small amount of fat like parmesan, butter or nuts but there is no extra fat added to the products. All crisps are packed in cans with attractive prints on it. Nevertheless, these designs can be changed upon the customers brandings and therefore delivered as white label product. There will be a high production capacity of 30 cans/minute or 1.800/hour starting in January 2022, because of the new production line which is currently in progress. The client starts to supply its products from 1 palette with 1.000 cans whereby on each palette cans with different flavours can be delivered. At the moment, the products are sold in Austria and the Italian market by a large supermarket chain. Having made this experience the client feels fit to enlarge their export area into other neighbor markets such as Germany and the Scandinavian countries. As the product has a high quality with an also upcoming high production volume the client tries to get connected to distribution partners with a fairly good volume of sales.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Austrian snack company is interested in establishing a distribution services agreement with a German or Scandinavian distributor active in the snack and health food industry. The distributor has the task of finding and supplying new markets for the company's line of potato crisps.
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Already on the market
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