An Austrian Startup active in bioactive fragrance preparations based on innovative fragrance designs seeks partners under financial or joint venture agreement

The Austrian Startup develops bioactive fragrance preparations on the basis of innovative fragrance designs with scientific expertise. The preparations use the pharmacological effect of plant essences – especially from trees. In order to bring the product to market, partners under financial and joint venture agreement (industry ideally beauty/pharma, manufacturing, marketing, sales) are sought, preferably partners who have experience in the pharmaceutical field.
Building on the findings from Japanese forest medicine research, the Austrian Startup is initiating its own product-related research in cooperation with experts of the Medical University of Graz and of Joanneum Research, an Austrian research institution for non-invasive diagnostics. The aim is to prove by means of an own evidence-based study that the developed fragrance preparations achieve an equally, but product-related, effect. Terpenes, which were discovered, are scent molecules that trees (and other plants) in the forest emit to communicate with each other. A welcome side effect of this "plant communication": the forest tree terpenes are absorbed by the human organism through breathing, skin and mucous membranes and have a significant positive effect on human health and mental and physical well-being. The effect of the terpenes is triggered directly at the olfactory receptors of the cells, which means that it is by no means only a psychological effect by smelling, but a direct pharmacological one on the organism. This research is to be used for a new business model, namely the development of bioactive fragrance preparations with scientific expertise based on innovative fragrance designs. The inventor is supported by a professional perfumer and the scientific partners to develop the optimal formulation with the appropriate terpenes contained in the essential fragrance oils. The preparations should finally use the pharmacological effect of plant essences – especially from trees. The first product to be launched will be an innovative fragrance preparation, an "olfactory infusion", which, due to its special ingredients (phytoncydes/terpenes), develops a health effect beyond the pure sensuality of conventional perfumes. This makes the product fundamentally different from classic perfumes, which only "smell good", as an additional effect level (health) is integrated here. The product developed will be a fragrance with a rational benefit. Currently, there is no active fragrance preparation on the market that has a similar health-promoting effect with scientifically based pharmacological expertise. The interest of young consumers in healthy, ecologically compatible and resource-saving products is continuously increasing. Brands that essentially emphasize their speciality by communicating natural ingredients have each reached more than 1 million new buyers per year in Germany from 2018 to 2020. The business offer provider is interested in: 1. joint venture agreements with companies active in the beauty or pharmaceutical sector are sought. They should be interested to bolster the Startups growth strategy by giving strategical input and support with the introduction to market partner as well as responsible public authorities. 2. financial agreement: beside of this, investors who see the potential and who are interested to finance the project idea to realise the development are welcome.
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The Startup is searching for investors who are interested in a financial agreement with the aim to participate in the economic development of the SME. Furthermore, the Startup is looking for joint venture partners who are interested in a financial engagement and in an active support of the Startups growth strategy by giving strategical input and support with the introduction to market partner as well as responsible public authorities. The potential partner should have ideally experience with beauty products or in the pharmaceutical field.
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A holistic concept from the business idea to the product launch is available, all contents with figures, data and suppliers are available.
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A Union trade mark has already been registered.
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