Award-winning hand brewed Danish beer with novel flavours offered for distribution

A Danish brewery hand-brewing several novel flavours and seasonal specialties of craft beer, currently sold only in Denmark, is looking for exclusive distributors with access to mainstream and/or more upmarket sales channels in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and China.
The Danish brewery was founded in 2011, as a result of a merger of two long-standing breweries with two experienced brewmasters running the new business. They experiment with new brewing techniques and flavour combinations, all the while still hand-brewing their whole collection, and have gained a lot of interest in the national market. After having several years of profitable earnings, they plan to start expanding beyond Denmark, with the goal to generate at least 35% of turnover from export from the second half of 2017 onwards. They produce two series of beer: 1. The numbered series: a. Porter with chili and English liquorice b. Ruby lager c. Blond with elderflower d. Black e. Pale ale with apple. 2. The gourmet series: a. Imperial oatmeal stout with rum b. Imperial stout with port, aged with oak flakes from port aging barrels c. Imperial oatmeal stout rum infused d. Oatmeal Irish whiskey stout. They also produce seasonal special edition beers for Christmas, Easter, spring, summer, autumn and winter, but these can also be bought all year round as a full batch. The majority of their ingredients are sourced locally from Denmark, including malt, but hops is imported. In order to gain more fame in Europe, they will participate in the 2017 European Beer Star competition, one of the biggest beer blind tasting competitions in the world, and they will participate in the Beer World Cup later in 2017, with the plan is to enter the entire numbered series. At the moment, the annual production capacity is around 180 batches, each one containing a variety of beer and range between 2000-12,000 litres. The recommended minimum purchase is a pallet or 825 bottles (55 colli). The beer is sold in 25, 33 and 50 centilitre bottles and 30 / 20 litre one way Dolium kegs. The brewery’s best selling beer just passed 100.000 units. Currently, the numbered series is sold in Danish supermarkets, including a large supermarket chain, restaurants/bars, online shops, gift shops and through a local distributor with exclusive rights in Denmark. The brewery is looking for distributors interested in exclusive rights and with access to supermarkets and/or speciality beer retailers or food and drink venues, preferably with prior experience in importing alcoholic beverages.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
They are looking for partners to, ideally, take on exclusive distributorship in their respective countries, or possibly regional rights. As their beer collection has something for every type of end-buyer and budget, they are interested in partners who sell to both supermarkets and/or pubs/bars/restaurants and specialty shops. Traditionally though, the easiest first sales come through supermarkets in bigger volumes and with a lower price class variety.
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