A Belgian authentic low sugar premium ice cream producer is looking for distributors.

The Belgian company is a renewed company in Belgium and has experience in making authentic artisanal ice cream. The company uses only natural flavors while avoiding to add any sugar. The company is looking for partners to distribute its products in the neighbouring countries (Western Europe).
The Belgian company adventure started back in 2011 after several years of experimenting and masterizing to come up with the perfect recipes. Passion for taste is at the center of this company.The products offered by the Belgian company has been created by a Master artisan ice creams maker who has dedicated his life to enhance authentic natural flavours. Belgian company is specialized in the making of authentic ice creams. For five years the Belgian company has exclusively sold its products in Belgium. The brand is now present in more than 900 retail stores all around Belgium and produces around 70000 l/year. Although, the company production capacity enables it to satisfy a larger production. Driven by authenticity and taste, the Belgian company has focused on creating premium authentic ice cream based on natural flavours and without any added sugar. The range of ice creams is composed among others of these flavours: Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, Pure Belgian Chocolate, Roasted Coffee and Creamy Summer Strawberry. Packaging formats available: 100ml+woden spoon, 400ml pints, Box 4*100ml mix, 2,5L boxes. As the focus of the brand is the taste and the authenticity all ice creams are made of ingredients from natural origin and have no added sugar in it. The company only uses essential ingredients to make its products. The Belgian company is value driven, it holds close to its heart to support local food network. For instance, the milk used in the fabrication of the ice creams is provided by a neighbouring farm and is pasteurized by the company itself in its own workshop. These are premium authentic ice creams with zero sugar added. They also are characterized by their very low fat and calories rates while being rich in protein and fibers. The quality of the ingredients used in their preparations as well as the know-how are worth from a 74/100 to a 90/100 quotation on YUKA app which is the best nutritional quotation for ice cream. The company wants to expand its brand in its neighbouring countries and is now actively looking for new sales partners. Now that its position is well established in its homeland market, the company is looking for partners in its neighbouring countries to distribute its range of products. The Belgian company looks for distributors who have good knowledges of the food market and who has strong ties with the actors of this market.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Belgian company is looking for a partner established in the target country and has a strong relationship with supermarkets and delicatessens. The partner should ideally have a comprehensive vertical business strategy going from in-office negotiation and managing sales demonstrations in points of sale, to monitoring department managers (merchandising + commercial delegation). A national exclusive retail/foodservice partner which is ideally regionally or nationally established in their country. The partner should have a strong relationship with Foodservice partners, supermarkets and delicatessens. The partner would ideally be a purchaser,a storekeeper (wholesaler) and a brand distributor in their territory. The partner should be able to support the Belgian company with the launch of brand by being in the head of marketing initiatives for the specific market. Also, the partner sought is a real ally which should directly negotiating with stores. The Belgian company is seeking a partner which is willing to become the developer and the ambassador of the new brand that will defend their exclusivity. The company is looking for partners in Belgium’s neighbouring countries (Western Europe).
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Trade Marks
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