Belgian company active in dietary supplements and cosmetics is looking for distributors and commercial agents

The Belgian company is a large owner of aloe vera plants and manufactures products with these aloe plants which are used in the sector of dietary supplements and cosmetics. The plantations are free of pesticides. The company is looking for distributors and commercial agents for its products.
The Belgian company owns its own aloe vera plantation from which it is producing and manufacturing all its products containing pure aloe vera. The company manufactures the following products derived from its own plantations: face and body creams and lotions with aloe extracts. For the dietary supplement, the company produces drinks with aloe vera as dietary supplements to drink.The drinks are packed in recyclable Tetrapak system. The plantations are 100% owned by the company and free of pesticides. All the harvest is done by hand and the leaves are treated by hand also which makes the products the purest on the market. They are not using any chemicals on them. In terms of process manufacturing, every aloe plant is handled manually to keep all the nutrients from the plants. The process is quite unique and they are not blow-dried to avoid loss of all the nutrients of the plant. Main fields of activity : - Dietary supplement - Cosmetic - Weight Management program The company manages also the transport and logistic of the products all over the world. It can deliver the products directly by the distributors. The company is continuously looking for new partners to work with. The company is looking for distributors in the cosmetic sector or in the diatery supplement field. It is also looking for commercial agents introduced in the cosmetic sector and fitness centres.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for distributors active on the market or willing to be active in this sector. Ideal partner would be companies active in the sector of dietary supplement distribution and/or cosmetic products, but also fitness center. The partner would be dedicated to promote the brand. The company will provide the complete documentation on the products in the local language for an efficient promotion. The company offers training on the products in particular on the quality and the health benefit. The company can handle the transport of the products by the distributors. The company is also looking for commercial agents that could promote the products to distributors. Very attractive incentives to freelance and distributors. All the income can be calculated clearly by the partner based on the sales and promotions done with the products. Every step of the career of the distributor is clearly stated with revenues he can expect from a partnership with the company, including also the extra incentives (like yearly management bonus, travel incentives)
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