Belgian company active in the field of infrared-heating systems is looking for European partnerships under distribution or manufacturing agreements.

Due to an enormous market expansion, an experienced Belgian company, which manufactures and sells different infrared- heating systems for domestic and industrial applications, is looking for partners. The European partnerships should be concluded under distribution service agreements and manufacturing agreements.
The Belgian company manufactures and sells high-quality electrical and infrared heating systems for over 15 years. Their product range consists of both domestic and industrial heating systems. Next to systems for indoor heating, they also offer systems for outdoor applications. The company started in 2006 and is currently active in Belgium and the Netherlands. By building up experiences during the years, they currently belong to the Benelux top specialists concerning infrared heating. Their products fulfil the highest demands for product conformity and are in line with CE regulation. Infrared heating is energy efficient and the technique ensures heating without emitting carbon dioxide and generates a comfortable warmth. This environmentally friendly type of heating is therefore more and more used as main heating in modern housing, but also as a backup for underfloor heating with a heat pump. Due to the market expansion, the interest for the company's systems has raised significantly, also from other European countries. The company is therefore looking for European partnerships under the form of a distribution service agreement and offers collaborations under the form of a manufacturing agreement. Both type of collaborations are an option for the company and the most suitable type will be decided depending on the reactions received.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partner needs to have a feeling for modern heating techniques and to believe in environmentally friendly heating techniques and a greener future. Depending on the reactions received, the best type of collaboration will be decided. This can either be a distribution service agreement or a manufacturing agreement. In case of a manufacturing agreement, the company can produce the partner's own brand under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). In case of a distribution service agreement, the partners sought for are European distributors, having an affinity with the heating industry, which are currently active in the distribution of heating or electrical techniques and wish to expand their market in the area of infrared heating systems. Specific training in infrared heating techniques will be provided to the partner in accordance with their needs.
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