A Belgian company offering a full water dynamisation solution for home, restaurants & hotels is looking for distribution agreements

A Belgian company has developed and manufactured a filter and a biodynamizer able to produce dynamized water. The solution is a hydrodynamic and magnetic device that reproduces the natural cycle of water in an accelerated way by copying the movements of water that has flowed freely in nature. This 100% natural technology regenerates water to make it comparable to living, natural water. The company is looking for distributors.
The Belgian company has developed and manufactured with European know-how (Belgium, Switzerland, France and Germany) a hydrodynamic and magnetic device that reproduces the cycle of water. This technology regenerates water to make it comparable to natural water, a structured water filled with energy (photonics). The device is based on a chronology of 3 stages: filtration,restructuring and energization of water and divided in two implements: a filter and a dynamizer. Thanks to this, tap water will turn into energized water, living water and soft. The filter is characterized by activated charcoal filtration combined with ionized silver that will remove pollutants, such as iron and the corrosion of pipes, bacteria, nitrates, etc., that would still be present in city water while leaving oligo elements that are fully assimilated by the body and inorganic minerals that are partially metabolized. Unlike a water softener, the limestone is not retained by the filter, but it will be restructured by the dynamizer to avoid clogging the pipes. Minerals are not removed as in reverse osmosis, but they are restructured by the dynamizer. Regarding the dynamizer, the implement is based by the following 3 principles of dynamization:​ (1) the very fast swirling motion of the vortex,​ (2) the emission of rhythmic magnetic fields,​ (3) the transmission of natural mineral frequencies. The shapes of the dynamizer and its 12 permanent magnets reproduce the water cycle in an accelerated manner. The company is looking for exclusive distributors in European countries for the food, agricultural, sustainable construction and environmental sectors in order to expand their products in Europe thanks to its advantages and innovations: (1) in the catering and hotel industry - Quality water produced on site, without storage and without recycling​. - Possibility of labelling your own brand or establishment (personalized branding) on a bottle or carafe​. - Devices that comply with the requirements of international regulations (compliance with the European Directives on drinking water and the conformity of materials in contact with water)​ - Possibility of dividing the water network intended for:​ steam devices which, if necessary, require a water softener or reverse osmosis units​ - and the “drinking water” network supplied with filtered and dynamized water​ (2) in bakeries - Fluffier bread which keeps fresh longer!​ - A crispy crust, a sweeter taste reminiscent of bread from times past. - Biodynamized paste: a honeycomb structure (air bubbles) of the paste is clearly better distributed, more structured, more regular, more harmonious and finer which is induced by the molecular structure of biodynamized water! More compact and firm, less oxygen (less oxidation) and a higher hygrometry rate (87%> <81%) which makes the dough more flexible, sticky - Biodynamized bread: A much higher hygrometry rate over time (84.6%> <65.6%: for 8 days) which gives a finer texture to the biodynamized bread and a more compact and supple crumb which allows to keep its significantly longer freshness. A Bread which better preserves the aromas of fresh bread, a softer aspect which has more chewiness and cracks less quickly (because it is less dry) - Biodynamized baguette: For the sourdough baguette, the nose is more intense with biodynamized water. The honeycomb structure is better distributed.Generally, the kneading time is shorter with the dough made from biodynamic water. (3) in farming​, agricultural sector and water-based alcohol producers (gin, vodka, wisky, etc.) - For plant cultivation, studies on dynamized water attest to faster growth - Fruits & vegetables taste & look better and and are loaded with nutrients. (4) Sustainable construction and environment - The device has many advantages for new passive and/or ecofriendly construction.
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The company is looking for distributors in Europe: (1) in the catering industry (2) in bakeries (3) in farming​ and agricultural sector (4) in water-based alcohol food industry (5) sustainable construction and environment (6) water treatment (7) in the hospitality industry
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