A Belgian craft brewery is looking for distributors for its various range of craft beers

A Belgian family brewery producing its own craft beers using the barley it harvests at the family farm, is looking for distributors in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France to enter long-term partnership. The products to be sold are organic, blond, amber, triple, quadruple, black, stout, barrel aged and seasonal beers.
The Belgian brewery was created in 2000 at the initiative of two Belgian agronomists, after two years of renovation. Indeed, the family craft brewery is built in an authentic setting, within a former military fortress. Nestled in the heart of Belgium, the brewery produces about three batches of craft beer every day, in a magnificent place steeped in history. This family business is inspired by local folkore which is implemented in each of its beer creation. The brewery keeps on expanding itself over the years. As the two agronomists started by creating their own recipes, they continued their expansion by buying out, in 2006 another well renewed Belgian brewery. Two years ago, the brewery had the opportunity to take over a Belgian distillery, therefore broadening its range of products, enabling it as well to innovate and create new products. Focusing on its economic growth, the brewery also developed its infrastructures enabling itself to improve its sustainability and to innovate. In 2018, the brewery invested in new bottling building as well as in bieroduc allowing it to route the beer from the production plant to the bottling one. This bieroduc is the second one in Belgium. Demonstrating its ecological value and its innovative mind, the company has also upgraded its production system in order to recover the heat when brewing. This excess of heat is then reused to heat the offices and heated rooms. It also installed electricity terminal. Well grounded in its local environment, the brewery harvests its own barley at the family farm and hold to its heart to work as much as possible with local partners. Although, the various range of beers produced does not allow it to work exclusively with these partners. The Belgian brewery hold close to its heart to bring tradition and authenticity to its product while insuring their quality and their taste. Keeping that in mind, the brewery rather offers a qualitative product that may be more expensive than an average one cheaper. This brewery combines perfectly traditional know-how/ recipes with innovation and new technology. For over 20 years the company has kept on expanding and it is now present in more than 7 countries, producing over 25 000 HL a year. In 2020, during the pandemic the brewery produced 18 000 HL. Now that the brands are well established on their markets, the brewery feel like it's the right time to, on one hand strenghten its presence in those countries and on the another hand enter new markets. In order to do so, the brewery is looking for partners ready to enter into distribution services agreement. It wants to enter long-term partnerships based on trust. The brewery has created over the years a wide range of craft beers including: - 5 blond ales; - 3 amber ales; - 2 organic ales; - 2 triple ales; - 1 quadruple wood-aged ale; - 1 black ale; - 1 stout; - barrel aged beers and seasonal beers. The brewery is in charge of the entire chain of production with intimate knowledge and respect for the lands. The beers are made of almost exclusively local ingredients. Beers are available in bottles of 33cl and 75cl (depending on the kind of beer). Testifying of the company interest for ecology and its will to be more sustainable, a bottle made out of can has been recently developed for a blond beer.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Belgian company is looking for a partner established in the target country who has a strong relationship with retail stores and liquors and alcoholic beverage stores. It is looking for distributors with a strong client portfolio that knows how to appreciate qualitative beers of all kind. The partner should ideally have a comprehensive vertical business strategy going from in-office negotiation and managing sales demonstrations in points of sale, to monitoring department managers (merchandising + commercial delegation). The partner would ideally be a purchaser, a storekeeper (wholesaler) and a brand distributor in their territory. It should be able to support the Belgian company with the launch of the brands by being in the head of marketing initiatives for the specific market. Also, the partner sought is a real ally which should directly negotiating with stores. The Belgian company is seeking a partner who is willing to become the developer and the ambassador of the new brands. The brewery is looking for long term partnerships although not exclusive. The brewery is also open to making new products for others through subcontracting agreements. The company is working with incoterm EXW : Ex Works. The company is looking for partners in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Trade Marks
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