A Belgian firm is looking for a partner using Powder Bed Fusion 3D printing technology

A Belgian company active in 3D modeling and printing applied to the production of full-color 3D statuettes is looking for a partner working with the Projet460 Plus or Projet660 machines from 3DSystems. The company has a project that would require an extension of its production capacity and is thus seeking to collaborate with a European partner under an outsourcing agreement.
In order to be able to respond to a larger demand, a Belgium-based company is looking for a partner using the 3D printing technology called Powder Bed Fusion, and more specifically the ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology developed by the company 3DSystems. ColorJet Printing works with two main components: a powder-based material and a binder. The powder is first applied in a thin layer on the 3D printing platform. A print head then comes precisely to deposit the colored binder. The printing platform is lowered and the process can start again. Layer after layer, the piece is 3D printed. The company wishes to use this type of technology and machines since it allows the production of multicolored pieces in a one step process as well as the utilization of a non-melting material. For the modeling part, the company uses a portable scanner which allows it to scan its customers in its studio or in different locations. The scanning process only takes a few minutes. The scans are then assembled and edited. The company is looking for a partner, preferably from EU countries, who could produce approximately 500 pieces of 20 or 25-centimeter 3D pieces. The partner is sought within the framework of an outsourcing agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The cooperation type will be through an outsourcing agreement. The partner must have experience in the production of 3D pieces using the Projet460 Plus or Projet660 machines from 3DSystems. The partner is expected to print the statuettes based on the files sent by the Belgian company.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The Belgian company seeks a partner working with ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology and more specifically the Projet460 Plus or Projet660 machines from 3DSystems.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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