A Belgian manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products is seeking retailers and distributors under distribution services agreement

A Belgian SME, located in Flanders, produces a wide range of 100% natural cleaning and washing products and is looking for distributors and retailers within the EU countries. The form of cooperation is expected to be established under a distribution services agreement. This manufacturer offers 100% eco-friendly products made with only plant-based ingredients that guarantee total safety for the environment, the animals as well as for human-beings.
Based in Belgium, the company produces purely natural and eco-friendly cleaning products - totally safe for the environment. It also offers non-chemical washing powder without scent, which has proven perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin: - the washing powder is packed in paper bags available in 800- 1200 g - suitable for electronic washing machines and hand wash - affordable as a use of up to 20 g per wash cycle is recommended In addition to washing powder, this Belgian SME also produces all-purpose cleaning spray, both for home and professional use. The spray is available in 500 and 750 ml, as well as in 5 l or 20 l refillable jerry cans. To expand its market outside of Belgium, the company is actively looking for distributors or retailers in different EU countries to collaborate under distribution services agreements.
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In order to increase its market share and stimulate growth, this Belgian company wishes to enter into long-term partnerships in various European countries. For collaboration under a distribution services agreement, the company welcomes as potential partners retailers and distributors who want to buy its cleaning products directly and then sell them through their own network.
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